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What is A "literary lifestyle"?

Reading is a way of life, at least it can be, and it most certainly is for us.

Living a literary lifestyle is a way of interacting with the world through a literary lens. It's weaving books and reading into the fabric of your everyday life, and celebrating that in all ways, big or small. It's frequenting your library, combing the wonderful shelves of indie bookstores, and having a favorite local coffee shop to duck into to read. It's the feeling when characters stay with you all day and not having a novel (or two) in your bag at all times leaves you feeling naked. It's marking bookclub meetings on your calendar and endlessly searching for that perfect vintage copy of Jane Eyre. It's when books are inextricably tied up in your life and you wouldn't have it any other way.

We enjoy sharing in this space how we read and engage with books and connect with our reading community in our day to day; at home, on the go, and with our kids. Furthermore, we want to encourage others to fit in more reading time, and to think a little more about documenting your daily life, all with a great book in hand. 

Lastly, we simply want to inspire our current and future generations to get lost in books, and to be an active member of the bookish community around them, because it's beautiful out there.