A Realm Of Many Worlds

Poet | Erica Odell

A Realm of Many Worlds


Top to bottom store front windows display

favorites and classics of the day.

The rays rush and burst inside,

pushing away the dark; it cannot hide.


I dance with the illuminated dust in the air

landing on books with care.


Stacks upon stacks of beautifully woven

pages and spines so delicate and strong.

I take a moment to capture the smells,

Inhale – dust and tales


of mystery read between your fingers

or fantasy on waves and in the sky.

Dangers of love

-  if you dare

to forego the faerie realms and pointed ears


I read beyond the printed words

and live within the 


ink stained pages and coffee rims

hand written annotations in margins.

Book marked and dog eared,

oh look, stacks of Shakespeare.


In a corner I will find, 

a world much bigger than mine.

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