Here at The Ardent Biblio, we're committed to showcasing our real, genuine reading lives and refuse to compromise on it.

We have partnered with a couple publishers, including Penguin Random House and Little, Brown and Company, and receive books each month in exchange for an honest review, which will show up in our wrap up posts or in our instagram captions.

Since there are two of us running the show here, we offer twice the reading power and two unique perspectives. We are incredibly honest and genuine when it comes to the way books make us feel, as well as the connections we make with companies and people along the way.

We will never showcase something we aren't excited about (or else you'll know the depth of our indifference, just like any other book we buy or check out from the library), we don't accept payment to promote books, and we certainly never want you to feel like we're selling a book to you. We are also not afraid to reject books we're not interested in, because there are too many good books out there to get our hands on.

What we will do, is read forthcoming releases to be able to tell you if they're worthwhile, and join the larger conversations around these books in order to better engage with and forge genuine connections in the bookish corner of the internet.

We're also deeply committed to variety in the reading community, and often request ARCs from small presses and indie publishers that we're excited about.

Also, if the book was sent to us, you'll know it. We certainly aren't going to sneak around it, that's just not our style.

Links to Amazon are usually affiliate, and don't cost you a thing! Guest posters are not affiliated with affiliates. Thanks so much for supporting us! 

Thank you so much for considering us for past and upcoming releases, it's an honor to be apart of the book community. Our lives are constantly enriched by each new season and getting our hands on books we wouldn't have otherwise found. We hope to do justice to those really good ones and thank you in advance for sharing our content in relation to what you've given us.