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Virtual Blind Date with a Book #1

Hey there + welcome to our "virtual blind date" with a book + giveaway! We want to connect and engage with fellow book lovers and this is a great way for us to share books we've read and enjoy. Plus if you're anything like us, you LOVE gifting books, total win, win!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the blind date with a book concept, but it's basically a book wrapped in plain paper with a description written on it in sharpie. Essentially this means you're picking a book based on it's contents rather than judging it by it's cover or reputation! Sounds fun, right? In our virtual version we're going to give you three descriptions of books we LOVE (and would totally recommend to you if we were out having coffee together), with a link to check out the book over on Goodreads if it strikes your fancy. Okay, ready? Here goes...

Book 1 - Are you into magical realism? Epic fantasy? Lyrical writing? This book is classified as a "historical fantasy" and is one of those books with a lot of build up and BIG payoff at the end. Sweeping and beautiful wrapped up in a really wonderful and rarely seen concept, the author takes a real time and place in history and magically twists it jussssttt a tad. Hints of fables, of magic, of journey and loss and what it means to be from somewhere. A deeply nuanced, multi-layered plot and shockingly well developed characters make this the most gorgeous book I've ever read. Right this way if this sounds like a good fit for you!

Book 2 - Do you love a quick, well-written and deeply provoking story? I do! Follow a man through his fascinating life, travels, and career. You go on a whimsical journey with an incredibly brief but life altering love affair, we see them making choices for those they love, leaving your heart utterly wrapped up in the brief moment of time their stories intertwine. Be sure to add this one to your TBR if you haven't read it yet. Plus, there's a hard-to-find sequel if you can't yet walk away.

Book 3 - If you need a good, breezy read instead, this one is interesting and clever. It's fast pace and unusual storyline make it charming and fun, but never heavy. It moves smoothly through the plot with humor and a sense of adventure and manages to be utterly endearing with it's eclectic cast of characters. It was even one of bookstore owner Holland Saltsman's (she owns The Novel Neighbor) favorite picks when she was on the podcast What Should I Read Next! If a light, fun adventure sounds great right now, head on over here.

And if you need even more inspiration, check out what we've been reading lately!

{CLOSED} Awesome GIVEAWAY details. In order to be considered for one entry, follow us on Instagram, and leave a comment here as to which book # you'd like. For a bonus entry, hop on over to Facebook and give us a like! One lucky winner will be drawn and shared on our Instagram story and announced on February 14th, 2017. You must be 18 or older, and U.S. residents only this time, please. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, odds of winning are based on the number of entries, winners will have 48 hours to respond, or another name will be drawn. Sorry for the boring legal stuff, we're rule followers :)