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The Best Podcasts for Rabid Readers
The Best Podcasts for Rabid Readers

I run 3+ miles EVERY day, so having a good podcast to accompany me is paramount. I've spent 3 years searching for the best podcasts for bookish people, and have narrowed down my absolute favorites. Lately when I plug in my headphones, I always pull up one of these to get me through my workout.

What Should I Read Next?: The incomparable Anne Bogel of The Modern Mrs. Darcy welcomes a reader onto her show each week to find out three book they love, one book they hate, and what they're currently reading to make recommendations about what they should read next. Anne's strength lies in drawing profound connections between the reader's picks to suss out their wheelhouse and deliver on-point recommendations to them. She is a thoughtful, intelligent host and she has readers from varied backgrounds, reading styles and interests on her show, which has led me to read some books I may have not ever have picked up otherwise. Wonderfully executed podcast all around, and a prime source of reading inspiration for me.

Get Booked: In this hour long show Amanda and Jenn take written requests from readers looking for a certain kind of book and then each make a recommendation. Amanda and Jenn are both very articulate and relatable and it's a very down to earth, lighthearted podcast with great book commentary and lively banter. One of the strengths of this podcast, though it lacks the depth of What Should I Read Next, is that due to the format, it is highly diverse.. I absolutely have gotten some interesting titles to add to my TBR pile from this and it is just really engaging and easy to listen to. 

All the Books!: Another one from Bookriot, this is a podcast that focuses on the week's new releases accompanied by a quick synopsis and review. The hosts make smart observations about the books and give you enough to decide whether or not a book is for you without ruining the stories. This is fast paced and easy to listen to, and will most certainly add titles to your TBR while keeping you up to date with what's new and upcoming in the literary world.

Slate's Audio Bookclub: This one makes you feel like you're sitting in a circle of the most interesting, intelligent, insightful book club ever. Listening to this podcast reminds me of the best part of college classes with deep discussion that stays interesting, on topic, and allows me to engage more fully with a book I've read; I often find myself nodding along or having "ah-hah!" moments. It's everything you ever wanted from a book club and they review so many interesting titles. Amazing, I only wish they put out episodes more frequently!

The Moth: Though not a book podcast per say, it IS a storytelling podcast, which is essentially all books are, but this is just so much more raw. The stories people tell are just so amazing and funny and heartbreaking and unbelievable. I've laughed out loud, cried through an entire run, and been so thoroughly addicted to this intensely human podcast for years now. Anyone who loves books inherently loves storytelling, and this podcast gives you real stories in such an incredibly magical REAL way. The level of connection you get with this podcast is in a league of it's own. Love. 

When I need a break from my TBR pile threatening to bury me, I turn to Stuff You Missed in History Class, which is still a storytelling format, but of course they're telling stories of meticulously researched history and as this is paired with likable hosts, it quickly became must listen for me.