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Taking Better Bookstagram Photos

A new year brings about all sorts of motivation to improve ourselves, our lives, and the details that make up both. One of the things I find myself thinking about is the shift from holiday photos to winter and then to the much anticipated spring. I won’t lie, I’m ready to be outside again, but our beloved #bookstagram is still holding onto those cozy vibes. Thus, I’m stretching myself to find a mix of working with low light and cozy indoor vibes to document our reading lives.


If you’re stuck inside because of the cold, rain, or snow, fear not friends, you aren’t alone. Unless you live in Australia, we’re all struggling to find inspiration and take beautiful photos to share. The days are indeed getting longer, but we still have some time before it’s a substantial difference. I have a few tips to help you through.

  1. Plan ahead - I cannot say this enough: plan ahead. What does that mean exactly, you ask? It means that if you want decent content to post without stressing or burning yourself out, plan a day during the week that you’ll be home when there’s ample sunlight. Taking a few varied bookish photos to get you through the week will help immensely.

  2. Find the light - There has to be at least one spot in your home that gets some decent light in the late morning or early afternoon. Whether it means scooting a chair over, bringing in a blanket, or setting up a little prop spot, use this area and plan to shoot in. Going out for coffee? Sit by the window and snap a few shots there too. And just because you take the photos now, doesn’t mean you have to post them right away.

  3. Change your angle - When you have a setup that you love, consider taking an extra shot or two from different angles. This gives you additional photo content to mix in throughout the week and add some consistent interest to your feed.

  4. Add variety - Even if you have to use the exact same spot, you can easily make a few small adjustments to keep it interesting for you. Add in a cup of coffee, a plant, change up your book choice, pose the book open and closed, add a blanket, get yourself in the frame. The options are endless. Also, if you’re working with window light, change your angle. If you subject is lit from the left side, move to the right, above, eye level, step in closer and move away.

  5. Keep your captions interesting - Ok, so this isn’t exactly a photo tip, but if you are planning ahead with your photos, you’ll need to ensure that your written content is just as interesting and diverse. Not only do you not want to post too similar of photos back-to-back, you also want to keep the conversation interesting. Think about your book AND your reading life, and mix both into your posts.

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