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The Very Best Holiday Books to Read with Kids

As you might have noticed, we have a few kiddos between our two families, and our children's reading lives are very important to us. With all the holiday reading happening with the adults, we have been really intentional to carry the seasonal magic into our kids' books as well. Over the years we've cultivated a few favorites for all ages, both classic and contemporary. 


Little ones

The Polar Express | Chris Van Allsburg- Such a treasured classic book for the holiday season, perfect to follow up with hot cocoa and the movie! Our children adore this one.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas | Clement Clarke Moore- A classic poem, with modern illustrations that still feel true to it's timeless nature. We read this one every year and I love it more and more each year.

Walk This World at Christmastime | Debbie Powell- This is an ultra modern, colorful explosion of a book, filled with little opening doors (my son is OBSESSED with these) and takes a look at how the holidays are celebrated around the world and in different cultures. 

Bear Stays Up For Christmas | Karma Wilson- Really, the whole series of Bear books are adorable, but this one has a particularly sweet message about friendship and giving during the holidays. Plus, you get a little peek at St. Nick! 

The Nutcracker | New York City Ballet- If going to see the Nutcracker is a beloved tradition for your family (it was in mine!) you'll love this book put out by the New York City Ballet. Fluid, modern illustrations mimic the choreography of the ballet accompany the classic text. 

Olive, the Other Reindeer | Vivian Walsh- A really humorous twist on the Rudolph story, Olive is a dog who thinks she should be one of Santa's reindeer, with zany and endearing results. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas | Alison Jay- The classic song, in book form, with the best illustrations I've found. Need I say more? It's a truly beautiful version, and a favorite in our house.


Bigger kids

A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens - For the middle grade readers, or to read aloud, classic seasonal, holiday novels are never a disappointment. We love this edition for extra little ones and this coloring book too!

Miracle on 34th Street | Valentine Davies - This is hands down, one of my very favorite holiday books and films to read and watch. A charming, warm story to enjoy with your children.

The Children's Christmas Carol | Johanna Spyri - We all know Spyri as the author of Heidi. She also has this classical story that will sweep you off to the Swiss mountains, in it's equally rich and charming prose about a mother and her two kids.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus | L. Frank Baum - My son and I were able to buddy read this one, it's an imaginative, well told story that is so perfect for this holiday season!

The Night Before Christmas | Nikolai Gogol - This is a unique, yet classic Russian tale with a bit of a dark twist and a love story. It's common tradition in Ukraine and Russia, to read this aloud on Christmas Eve.

What books do you love to read to your kids during the holidays? We'd love to expand our libraries!

A Gift Guide For The Young Readers In Your Life

Between our two families we currently have four children, from newborn to thirteen (plus nieces and nephews galore). We really prioritize our kids having their own reading lives, and have been encouraging that in any way we can from their earliest days, so we use the holidays as yet another opportunity for us to incorporate the magic of reading into their lives. We firmly believe the bookish gift giving isn't just for adults, and that the kids in your life will be delighted to find any of these under the tree! 


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Babies and Toddlers

Want to introduce classic literature to your 10 month old? No problem

Give your toddler their own reading chair to explore books in, and encourage that reading time.

How amazing would these be in a nursery?

This is my very favorite version of a timeless holiday classic. We've read this every December since my son was born, and the illustrations still delight me. 

How about some bright, bookish toy storage?

Our kids have these books, and they absolutely love them. The personalization of them is really unique, and would make a perfect gift.



My 4 year old, after devouring all the Elephant and Piggie books, was bereft that there were no more until we found this series at the library last week. He's definitely getting more for Christmas!

So many pop-up books are too simplistic for kids who are past toddlerhood, but these are amazing. We have every single one in the series and they are all super informative, while having tons of bells and whistles for kids to manipulate. 

Nothing delights our kids more than getting mail, and magazine subscriptions have been a big hit! We like Ranger Rick four our younger kiddos and Muse for the older ones.

How about some super adorable bookmarks?

Book lights are such a big hit with our kids!

I love to send my favorite classics to my nieces. The options are endless!

Kids love getting mail, so order them up a subscription box and help build up their library! Plus use the code ARDENT15 for 15% off 

Have you considered a kid's tote bag so they can have their very own library book bag?

A reading journal just for kids is perfect for the dedicated little bookworm. Our younger kids aren't allowed phones or devices quite yet, so paper is the way to go!



Keepsake classic novels in beautiful editions are always the perfect gift. The best part is that there are so many to choose from! Teenagers are the best to buy classics for because they are old enough for most of the really good ones :)

A clean, modern bookmark they'll love, or pick a fandom, any fandom.

Or stick to the original and get any piece of Harry Potter decor they could ever want! 

A custom book plate stamp, so they can lend their books out and actually get them back, for once.

Book flags are so great, my kids love to mark pages to later share with me.

Give them the gift of a fun bookish subscription box-- these are sincerely so fun.

Got a tech obsessed teen? Try our favorite e-reader!


We hope this helped! What are you getting the young readers in your life this year?