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Lifestyle Meets Literature: Day Dates and Bookstore Love
Lifestyle Meets Literature: Day Dates and Bookstore Love

My husband recently had an interview in Seattle that got rescheduled at the last minute, so we found ourselves with a rare free afternoon in the city together while my brother babysat our three year old. So of course where do we head? I mean honestly, where else? The bookstore, of course!

The one we decided to check out is the newest location of Third Place Books, which is attached to a really elegant, laid back restaurant. After a surprisingly delicious lunch and some conversations about house buying and car repairs (we are super exciting adults, I know), we headed into the bookstore part of the space armed with lists to do some Christmas shopping. 

This particular bookstore mixes new and used books (which is my very favorite kind!) inside of a modern, airy building. Think vaulted ceilings and sleek decor mixed with exposed beams and warm toned wood. Such a relaxed, inviting atmosphere for browsing for titles that our friends and family will love, and to talk and laugh about the books we stumbled upon.

Bookstore dates are the best kind because they effortlessly seem to spark interesting conversation. We had Christmas shopping to do, which meant we were finding ourselves in sections of the bookstore we normally wouldn't be interested in (military history, anyone?), and that means pulling books off the shelf that we haven't seen or considered before. I've been married for years, but was still surprised at the books my husband was interested in, which ones amused him (oh, terrible, terrible poetry!), and what books he considered for our son. You sincerely learn a lot about a person in a bookstore, and it was such an easy way to spend an afternoon together. An hour later, we checked out with several books and checked off several people on our Christmas list feeling refreshed, connected and accomplished. The teamwork of finding gifts for our loved ones, the connection we felt to our loved ones as we considered their tastes and chose books for them personally, and conversations we had together really put us in the holiday spirit of giving, of family, and of appreciating each other. 

Have you ever gone on a bookstore date? How'd it go? Let me know!