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Cheers to the Weekend 4.12.19

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“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...” 
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


Self-care is not just a trend, it’s a way of life. With that in mind, I need realistic ideas for myself that don’t always include a night out on the town, gorging on junk food, or anything incredibly time consuming. I find this article of Finding Self-Care in the Little Things to be everything I need.

I keep finding incredible historical non-fiction books lately. I’m beyond enthusiastic about A Woman of No Importance! This NPR article does an fantastic job at discussing Sonia Purnell’s novel and highlighting one incredible woman.

Tiffany discusses an important topic on the representation of foreign literature, specifically Indonesian, being accepted and translated into the English speaking culture.

Ali Smith recent release of Spring is well-timed and gaining speed in popularity. The Artfulreader writes a brilliant piece on Smith’s book, as well as other interconnected literary references.

I’m always on the hunt for YA books that my teen and I can read together. I love the sound of White Rose, but think my fantasy-loving kid would be most interested in the other two: Wicked Saints and Descendant of the Crane. Have you read any of these?

As a kid, you most likely remember your summer trips to the library. Those trips were life-changing and made summers infinitely greater. I loved reading this sweet note To the Librarian Who Changed My Life. I can only hope my children have such a positive experience and influence from our visits to the library!


It can prove challenging to combine your other hobbies with your reading life on Bookstagram, but traveling happens to be another passion of mine, and Courtney blends her adventures and books so well.

A classically beautiful blend of the literary lifestyle. Although being in Switzerland helps, all the heart eyes over here!

New to bookstagram and killing it! Deliliah’s taste is simple yet aesthetically pleasing, and we love browsing her feed.


Michaela- Moving this past weeek has put reading completely on hold, with the exception of The Raven King, which has been keeping me company on audio while I build furniture and unpack. I love, love, LOVE this series, friends, and will be sad to have it end!

Rikki - Middlemarch, Love and Death in the Sunshine State, Dandelion Wine, and The Octopus Museum; I’m just not sure I’m reading enough right now!

Cheers to the Weekend 3.15.19

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As we wait for winter to fade into spring, we’ll be cozying up to watch these classic books on screen!

Did you guys see the Man Booker International Prize long list? Hooray for women and small presses, and it’s been a great reminder to read more books in translation!

When keeping your books on your shelves just isn’t enough, check out Elizabeth’s incredible use of her books!

Are you just as curious as we are about what Michelle Obama’s favorite books are?!

The options for family novels with unique dynamics never fail to pique my interest, and I’ve only read one from this list! Time to update my TBR.

Bookworms rejoice! According to this article, we’re going to live forever! Or, a long time—maybe.


Katie has the most creative and interesting art journals, and book stacks I love perusing.

A lovely London flat, a cozy feed, and interesting novels keep me coming back to Patrick’s feed.

All the greatest movies, books, and selfies. Rebecka is a wonderful artist, plus, we’re in love with her orange kitty!

What We’re Reading

Michaela - I’m focusing on Middlemarch this weekend and can’t wait to pick up the pace!

Rikki - I recently finished the graphic novel, Dare to Disappoint, which was fantastic and the perfect way to break up a big classic. I’m fully immersed in H is for Hawk and Middlemarch right now, both of which are lovely.

Cheers to the Weekend 3.08.19

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We love a well narrated audiobook, and this list has some great ones read by celebrities.

Family novels that span generations and countries can be so good to get lost in. Most of these are on my immediate TBR, and two of them are favorites! Have you read any?

100 of the most read novels of all time, according this leading library! So many brilliant classics!

Love letters between a beloved poet and an adoring woman. Downloading the book to my kindle right now!

The women’s prize for fiction 2019 longest is live! One of these was a buddy read and dinner party last summer.

We are utterly thrilled with these classics turning into films. It’s a perfect time to re-read some of these in anticipation!


A wonderfully creative feed with a fun film vibe, quotes, and a wide array of books.

Sofie has an excellent eye for color and simplicity in her literary life.

The perfect mix of books and personal imagery that has me wondering what Nerea will post next!

What We’re Reading

Michaela - Middlemarch has stolen my heart, so I’m focused on that, but I’m also finishing off The Hours, which I knewwwww I needed in my life after reading Mrs. Dalloway this past December!

Rikki - A fun read I’m sort of enjoying right now is How to Find Love in a Bookshop, while also reading H is for Hawk, and Middlemarch for our buddy read.

Cheers to the Weekend 3.01.19

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The beauty and humanity only seen in small businesses, like this article about a California bookstore owner, is a reassuring sign of the good in the world.

Historical proof that books have always mattered and that women have always been badasses.

Books to inspire writers, or to read if you haven’t, plus ways to think a little differently about the world and spark meaningful conversation.

It’s safe to say either you have kids directly or indirectly in your life, and science says reading to kids is important. It doesn’t take much to sit down and read a book with them!

Re-reading stories we read as a kid, and what they teach us about the adults we are now.


Kelsey makes me want to read every book she talks about. It’s a subtle yet endless love letter to all the books she reads.

All the pretty coffee and all the pretty books, and insightful captions bring it all together.

Steven teaches me about so many new and different books, often with heavier, but compelling stories.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - I’m planning to kick off March with Middlemarch, and I can’t wait!

Rikki - I got sidetracked with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and am now moving onto some non-fiction, Bread & Wine and Present Over Perfect.

Cheers to the Weekend 2.22.19

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An excellent list of classics to read this weekend. Many new-to-me titles I’m picking up at the library today!

This article explores the ability to artificially recreate, or even finish, art and literary works already done or started by the respective artists. This is fascinating since I’m well into the middle of this novel!

This is a fascinating interview on the new book Last Boat Out Of Shanghai, and the author’s family’s escape from China.

Out-of-print books by women to add to your treasure hunting list!

The Center for Fiction is making a come back, and includes so many concepts of the literary community I hadn’t though of before.


This new bookstagrammer has a bright feed that is pulling us out of our winter blues.

Fellow PNW fantasy reader, we’re digging Mia’s mix of indoor and outdoor literary vibes.

Rhea has beautiful classics and thoughtful, often insightful captions we enjoy.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - Moving is all consuming, and I’m just dreaming of diving back into my current reads: The Dream Thieves, A Brightness Long Ago, and Hey, Kiddo.

Rikki - American Marriage is consuming my time at the moment, along with finishing The Idiot, I hope this weekend!

Cheers to the Weekend 2.15.19

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We’re in love with Obvious State’s latest blind date release. This is the theme of the year! Did you grab their new postcards too, we love the Bibliophilia set they have too!

Thanks for this reminder that it’s okay to not give into the hype and enjoy a book for a great date night!

This great list of female friendships is great anytime of year! This one is excellent too!

To help spice up your book club, consider one of these novels. I’ve actually read quite a few!

It’s fun to look back at the last few years trends of book tracking. What’s your method?

This novel is taking off, and for good reason! Grab one up with us!


Mixing things up with a super cute lifestyle feed with Mackenzie. *Insert book* for the perfect lifestyle inspiration.

Great color and light can go a long way, plus some fun books and selfies!

Kind of in love with Meagen’s mood, books, and hair.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - I just finished The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle for book club (spoiler alert: I didn’t love it) and am deciding what to read next!

Rikki - Still reading through If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller, The Idiot, and I recently started A Spark of Light. So, I’m on a pretty good streak!

Cheers to the Weekend 2.8.19

We have so much real life happening right now that in all honesty, there just isn’t as much reading happening as we’d prefer. That’s how it tends to go sometimes, but we know that in time, we’ll get back to our beloved pages. Lately, I’ve been making time to get back into my yoga practice, more herbal teas, and general self-care overall. Below you’ll find a few things that have helped along the way. Do you have any self care resources you love? We’d love to hear about it, leave a comment below! Happy weekend, friends!

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This is beyond relatable and truly excellent! “The world is full of tips for looking after our bodies, but what about our minds?

This is such an interesting round up of books to guide you to self-care. Have you read any?

These 10 tips are what you’d expect to see, and I’m always grateful for the reminder.

Does gifting yourself with new workout gear motivate you? Sometimes, I’m not sure, but I do have my eye on this new hoodie, and okay, this bag too!

Here are some great diverse romance novels for fun, easy reading. Bookish brain candy?

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s list of audiobooks to get you through that cleaning frenzy is excellent!

I’m picking up this book asap after reading this article titled, Selfless Girls Will Win Us the War.


Carla has a warm, fun, and creative feed to keep you inspired.

Excellent book choices who’s variety runs the gamut, and also, Suzie’s the cutest.

We love Rachel’s simple literary lifestyle vibe, with plenty of bookish insight.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - Reading? What reading? Honestly this week has been so busy as we prepare to sell our house, I haven’t even glanced at a book. Hopefully next week calms down!

Rikki - I’ve recently started The Idiot by Elif Batuman, so far, so good! I’ll also be wrapping up a quick non fic read of Days of Reading by Proust.

Cheers to the Weekend 2.1.19

Michaela is fully immersed into the house buying and selling process, so we’re stealing away every spare minute to get together, catch up, and talk books! We’re exploring new brunch spots around town and talking about our rather large stack of combined current reads. The rest of our weekends include prepping a house for the move, having dinner with friends, and hopefully some down time for reading! What are you up to?!

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I love this article with Rebecca Makkai on Lisa Gornick’s new novel.

So many amazing books won awards; two that I’ve read, and numerous waiting on my shelves. Here’s the interview, too!

We’re suckers for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s monthly round ups of ‘things I learned in…’

A bookstore tour of Ireland?! Yes, please!!!

I enjoyed this interesting article exploring 'Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read’. I bet you remember where you were when you read it, though!


I love seeing readers who explore reading in multiple languages and what books are from those regions specifically. Cărțile spans an interesting variety of novels, many of which I love!

So many good literary lifestyle vibes and a flawlessly cohesive feed.

The ultimate adventurous bookish life! Mariah has us wanting to hop on a plane to anywhere, books in bag.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - I’m reading A Brightness Long Ago (thank you Berkley Pub for the complimentary early copy), and I’m so glad to have a new Guy Gavriel Kay novel in my hands!

Rikki - I’m so happy to be onto a new month of reading! I’ve excitedly began Calvino’s, If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller, along with We Were the Mulvaney’s.

Cheers to the Weekend 1.25.19

It’s the last week of January, and we are grateful to be looking ahead towards spring! January is the hardest month for us both, because the weather tends to be pretty cold and wet, and life usually slows way down. Excited for a February full of birthdays, big changes, warmer temperatures, and later sunsets. This weekend we’re looking forward to our usually breakfast date, some quality caffeine, and book talk. What are you guys up to?

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You guys know how much I love a good graphic memoir, and this is a great list! I immediately put a few of these on hold at the library, I won’t lie.

Interested in starting a book club? Need help restructuring the one you already run? Just curious about what it’s like to be a book club organizer? Check out this interview.

Corporate censorship is something I’ve though a lot about (and a big reason I started @theindiebiblio to support indie presses) and this article does a great job examining it’s threat to publishing.

2019 is bringing us some exciting debut novels! We’ve heard some great buzz already about a couple on the list!


Kat’s feed is honestly breathtaking, striking the perfect balance between simple and artistic, and plus she has flawless taste in books.

Emily has lovely, clean literary lifestyle vibes, great reads, and just a lovely style. We could look at her feed all day!

Need to feel like you’re off on a bookish adventure with a great friend? Erika’s feed is where you want to be.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - Once again I am completely all over the place, but I am loving The Raven Boys on audio so, so much and currently mood reading all over the place

Rikki - I finished Salt to the Sea recently, so I’ll be wrapping up Seabiscuit and Lolita this week!

Cheers to the Weekend 1.18.19

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We are mourning this well loved poet who will be immensely missed.

The best historical fiction books to listen to. There goes my TBR…

An Iranian family saga that’s sweeping the literary world.

Want a different type of book recommendation from a well-known author? Min Jin Lee has you covered.

If you’re a serious planner when it comes to books, this post is likely to make your day.

This is a bit lengthy, although timely with #bookstagram’s latest outcry. One man’s take on “There is no diverse book.” Thoughts?


Lovely books, coffee shops, and lifestyle from Laur’s beautiful side of the world.

The greatest books and adventure to be found with this Londoner.

Incredible use of light and shadow and the familiar desire to want to read everything.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - Burial Rites and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao have my full attention this weekend and I could not be happier about it.

Rikki - I’ve started The Great Alone and I’m really loving it. And of course, I’m still happily powering through Seabiscuit and Lolita.