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Meeting Author Anne Bogel

We first connected with Anne, of Modern Mrs Darcy, a few years ago through Bookstagram. She inspired so much of what we wanted to showcase in our literary lifestyles, and we slowly but surely developed an online friendship from that shared love of reading.

We were fortunate enough to be invited onto her podcast, What Should I Read Next, and threw a couple of dinner parties from her recommendations. We did Persuasion as a brunch, and My Kitchen Year as a dinner, both were excellent!


You can only imagine our excitement when Anne tells us she added our personal favorite indie bookstore, Browsers, to her book tour in October. The owner, Andrea, was also on the podcast and has become a friend of ours as well. We’ve styled a few of her cookbook book clubs and have loved getting to know her. Book people are simply the best people.


We had the best time chatting with Anne, and sadly, it had to end all too soon. Honestly, if you don’t already love her just from her online personality, you’re sure to love her in person. We really could have talked endlessly about all things books, parenting, and life in general. It was an excellent experience and I only hope we cross paths with her again!

Browsers Cookbook Book Club | Spring 2018 Edition
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For the first time in nearly a year we were able to attend this together (you can see that one right over here) and it was just as amazing as ever. 

If you aren't familiar, our favorite local bookstore, Browsers, in Olympia, WA, hosts a quarterly cookbook book club, and we were welcomed in to attend and style the event. The concept is simple: once a season they pick a cookbook, and members make a dish and bring it to share. A dinner party ensues as everyone sits down to enjoy a meal and conversation together in the loft space above the bookstore. It's such a great idea, and proves books don't have to be high literature to be a connecting force. This was their spring event, and members were to cook from either Delancey or A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. 


For this event we wanted to keep the vibe springy and cozy, while still maintaining a modern aesthetic to match the feel of Wizenberg's books, and to reflect the season. We cut up some bunches of eucalptus from Trader Joe's and wove them around various candles in a color palette of sage, rose gold, and white. We also evenly spaced flower arrangements from Fleurae along the length of the table for a good dose riotous springtime color. The table was set, the wine was opened, and all that was left was to wait for guests to arrive. 


We have to admire the complete transformation this space has undergone since the last time we were here. The bookstore did some major renovations and reimagined the entire loft space as well as the retail space directly below it to update their safety standards and to modernize the look. Those months of construction were well worth the time, because it is absolutely stunning now; we can hardly believe it's the same space!


With the arrival of all sixteen guests bearing various bowls and platters of delicious things, the evening really got started. Everyone was invited to load up their plates and sit down for good food and even better conversation. Every time we've attended, we've noticed there is always this warm, buzzing energy as people connect and laugh together. It always feels like a whole table full of friends even though most people were meeting each other for the first time. We were especially excited to get to meet our instagram friend Krysta in real life!


It took hours for the conversation to wind down and the food to disappear from the tables. Half empty bottles of wine and guttering candles were strewn along the table as everyone filtered out and another wonderful event came to a close. Thank you, Browser's for hosting this event and allowing us to take part in it!



Styling | The Ardent Biblio

Venue | Browsers 

Flowers | Fleurae

Pottery | Mariella Luz