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Judging a Bookstore by Your Favorite Author

This is about how a day with us and our "bookstore adventures" go. Since moving to a new town, Michaela and I are no longer living quite as close as we used to be, but it has opened up a bunch of new things for us to experience and explore together. We scoured all the bookstores in town, finding one incredible gold mine of a place, a fantastic new lunch spot, and a tea house which was absolutely delightful and is the perfect scene for many more future bookish conversations.

One thing we realized while scouring stacks upon stacks of books at all these new local bookstores, is that the first thing we did every time was look for our favorite genres, books, and authors. The major find of the day was a store that had almost everything we could've wanted. To top it off, the lady who worked there was friendly, there was a place for our kids to play, and we barely touched the tip of what they had to offer. It was maze-like and stuffed full of books, and much bigger inside than it looked!

Our next stop wasn't so fabulous, but it made us think about what specifically it was that made us appreciate the other place so much, and we realized it was partly the comfort of finding your favorite author amongst so many that aren't familiar. It's the same as finding someone who also likes a book you like; there's an instant connection there. The bookstore suddenly feels like it gets you, when you see your favorites sitting on the shelf. It's such a relief knowing a store that understands me is in my new hometown, and can't wait to go back!

Anyone else have weird bookish quirks in bookstores? Or is it just us? Tell us we aren't alone!

Bookish Day Date | Tacoma

So the other day, Rikki and I embarked on an afternoon of bookish adventuring in our beautiful city, starting with brunch, because of course. I had heard about a new place downtown that I'd been meaning to try, so we decided to start there. 

The (enormous) patio area was completely gorgeous, and we just wandered around and admired it, exclaiming over all the details, since we were the only ones there on a Wednesday afternoon! It was really lovely to be able to soak in the sunshine, look out over the Sound, and enjoy being outside after the long, dark winter we've been having here over in the PNW.


Coffee, a cheese plate, and some berry-smothered french toast were on the menu back in the cozy, artfully done dining room. There are few things I like more than a nice hot french press; and the vintage plates and tea set were too cute! 

Fully caffeinated and fueled up, it was off to the bookstore across the street (a local favorite), obviously. We're always treasure hunting for books, plus we love supporting local, and as a cherry on top, they have Atticus and Herbert; the friendliest pair of kitties.

Post bookstore, we pulled up the map of little free libraries near us and went out on an epic hunt to find as many as we could that afternoon, while Rikki, of course, did her thing. We can't get enough of how unique each library is. They all have playful details and heartwarming backstories, and are just wholly delightful to go visit.


How cool is this playground someone set up in front of their house??? 

On sunny days, honestly, we're reminded why we love living here so much, it's such a vibrant, beautiful, whimsical city, and we were so glad we took the afternoon off to go out and enjoy it. Hurry up, spring weather! We're looking forward to a lot more days like this one.


Book Club Recap | Tender is the Night

On a whim, we were checking out the various local bookclubs and stumbled across a classics book club! This past week F. Scott Fitzgerald's final novel "Tender is the Night" was up for discussion, and we decided to go check it out for ourselves. I had read the book over the summer, and Rikki got to read her first Fitzgerald, so it was a good pick for us. 

I already attend a sci fi/fantasy club, so I was interested to see the difference between types of book clubs and groups. We left the kids with our husbands and set off into the rainy night together. Stepping into one of our favorite local bookstores and out of the downpour, the store was calm and quiet this late in the evening, and we spotted a few members of the club already seated at a long table in the back. 

It turned out, we weren't the only new members on this particular night, and another table had to be added to seat the dozen or so people gathered. The dynamic of the discussion was a bit off, honestly, in all likelihood because half the people there were first-timers, and groups without an established dynamic can lack the good flow of established groups. 

Still, it's always really good to hear from a variety of viewpoints and to open discussion about points in the book you may have overlooked, or about context of the novel, so it was still worthwhile and interesting to participate in. There were people who have read endless classics, others who simply love to read, some who are incredibly interactive readers (i.e., touting a book of quotes and thoughts) and some who aren't. Even though the discussion didn't flow very well, it was interesting to watch and listen to each person. I found the take on characters they liked and didn't like to be the most interesting, as well as some situational dynamics I hadn't thought of. I'd say we're definitely looking forward to participating in more and checking some great classics off our list reading bucket lists!  

It felt so great to be apart of our community on this; being around others who love to read is simply the best!

Do you belong to a bookclub? Lets us know what you guys are reading below or by tagging #TheArdentBiblioReads!

Virtual Blind Date with a Book #1

Hey there + welcome to our "virtual blind date" with a book + giveaway! We want to connect and engage with fellow book lovers and this is a great way for us to share books we've read and enjoy. Plus if you're anything like us, you LOVE gifting books, total win, win!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the blind date with a book concept, but it's basically a book wrapped in plain paper with a description written on it in sharpie. Essentially this means you're picking a book based on it's contents rather than judging it by it's cover or reputation! Sounds fun, right? In our virtual version we're going to give you three descriptions of books we LOVE (and would totally recommend to you if we were out having coffee together), with a link to check out the book over on Goodreads if it strikes your fancy. Okay, ready? Here goes...

Book 1 - Are you into magical realism? Epic fantasy? Lyrical writing? This book is classified as a "historical fantasy" and is one of those books with a lot of build up and BIG payoff at the end. Sweeping and beautiful wrapped up in a really wonderful and rarely seen concept, the author takes a real time and place in history and magically twists it jussssttt a tad. Hints of fables, of magic, of journey and loss and what it means to be from somewhere. A deeply nuanced, multi-layered plot and shockingly well developed characters make this the most gorgeous book I've ever read. Right this way if this sounds like a good fit for you!

Book 2 - Do you love a quick, well-written and deeply provoking story? I do! Follow a man through his fascinating life, travels, and career. You go on a whimsical journey with an incredibly brief but life altering love affair, we see them making choices for those they love, leaving your heart utterly wrapped up in the brief moment of time their stories intertwine. Be sure to add this one to your TBR if you haven't read it yet. Plus, there's a hard-to-find sequel if you can't yet walk away.

Book 3 - If you need a good, breezy read instead, this one is interesting and clever. It's fast pace and unusual storyline make it charming and fun, but never heavy. It moves smoothly through the plot with humor and a sense of adventure and manages to be utterly endearing with it's eclectic cast of characters. It was even one of bookstore owner Holland Saltsman's (she owns The Novel Neighbor) favorite picks when she was on the podcast What Should I Read Next! If a light, fun adventure sounds great right now, head on over here.

And if you need even more inspiration, check out what we've been reading lately!

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