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Bookstagram's Favorite Classics

It would seem that most readers are able to pick a favorite book in a specific genre with relative ease. I’m not saying that it’s their all time favorite book, per say, but when I put the call out asking for favorite classics, I was met with many definitive answers. And friends, I envy you. I’ve read a decent amount of classics (by decent, I mean some, but never enough) and have yet to come across what I deem a favorite. I will say that I have a “favorite” author, but he’s amongst many, so is that even fair to say? There are just so many! I could go on and on about my issues with labeling anything a favorite, but, I digress.


I really enjoyed reading through all of your recommendations. I’ve read a handful of those mentioned, and there are many I would love to prioritize. Some books I was more surprised by as your favorites more than others, but there are many that we hear over and over again as being most beloved. There are some that many people recommended that I wasn’t a fan of upon first reading, and so I definitely feel the need to re-read those before I pass further judgement.

Do you ever feel like that? You read a book that is well loved, decide it’s not for you, then a handful of years go by, your reading has matured and evolved, and you think maybe you weren’t sure you got it? I feel this way all the time. Seldom will I write off a classic.


After looking through all of these books, I’ve decided to pick some of the ones that have more of a summer vibe to include to my TBR in coming months. I’m currently reading Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury (which is definitely summer-oriented, but I couldn’t wait, it’s as good as I’d hoped!), along with Middlemarch, but it’s still slow going but feels seasonally on point.