Literary Dinner | Anne of Green Gables


Anne of Green Gables was a MUCH anticipated dinner party that we’ve talked about doing for far too long. We know it’s a childhood favorite for so many people, but neither of us had ever read it. Rikki was finally inspired to pick up the novel this summer and read it cover to cover (having only previously read abridged versions with her daughter). Michaela followed suit, despite her initial apprehension. This book has a lot of hype, friends, and we weren’t sure what to expect coming to the novel as adults.


Spoiler alert: it was just as cozy and charming as everyone said it was. We both really enjoyed it. The characters, the setting, the misadventures, and Anne herself were all just so likable, it was kind of hard to resist. We knew a “literary dinner party” for this book needed to be an afternoon picnic. The kind Anne and Diana might take out to the creek, or off to the edge of the forest. Somewhere wild and beautiful and full of simple, old fashioned pleasures. Thankfully we knew just the place.


Some of you know that while Michaela is thoroughly a city girl, Rikki lives down a dirt road on several beautiful acres of land with a huge abundant garden, lots of trees, and wide open spaces. We cut flowers and greenery from the patches of riotous summer color in the garden, packed ourselves a simple afternoon tea, and set off for the shade of Rikki’s favorite willow tree.


A sweet wicker basket, a favorite quote written on a chalkboard (because lol, that scene), a warm loaf of bread wrapped in a muslin tea towel, old fashioned fruit crates, and of course our fresh cut flowers set in milk bottles were piled on old favorite quilts. A cheese board, homemade jars of preserves, and plenty of garden herbs paired well with a teapot of our favorite black tea served in mismatched floral teacups. Can’t you just imagine Anne throwing a picnic party for her friends just like this one?


We sat for a bit just discussing the novel, sipping tea, and nibbling on some things while we enjoyed the summer afternoon, but we eventually decided the bench in Rikki’s garden would be the cutest place to take our cups of tea…and that’s when disaster struck.


So while we had stepped away from our little picnic for a few minutes, little did we know this innocent looking puppy dog right here was just patiently biding his time. Yep…he absolutely swooped in and ate the entire picnic while we were around the corner. The entire thing. He even ate the whole loaf of bread!

Honestly, there was nothing to do but laugh, and we think that this was exactly the kind of misadventure Anne herself would run into. We still love you. Hunter!


But, at least we got these cute shots, right??? Haha we think Anne would be proud of our afternoon. As always time spent together like this is so rewarding, and this was just such a simple, lovely way to spend an afternoon.


Have you read Anne of Green Gables? Tell us what you think in the comments, we love hearing from you.

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