Cheers to the Weekend 9.20.19


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Summer has undeniably left us here in the PNW. We’re fully transitioning into the new school year, fighting off colds, and embracing the cooler temperatures. We’ve been tackling our personal TBR’s, saying goodbye to summer books and getting ready for two great book clubs next month.


You guys, the National Book Award nominees have me jumping to read as many as I can. Some of the books on that list have been sitting on my shelf for some time, and this is major motivation to get to them! The Memory Police is at the top.

Anne Bogel nailed our fall reading TBR’s with an incredible list of “historical mysteries featuring fiesty female protagonist”.

Books about books are the best, but what about books about librarians?! Umm, yes please. Book-centric novels are one of the most heart-warming things to read about for book lovers. It’s like a warm hug from a fellow reader, even while you’re reading all alone, and this list not only reminds us of how important librarians are, but are perfect cozy fall books. I’m most curious about Running the Books, because I’ve actually done that job before.

I’m kind of geeking out over the literary discovery made at Cambridge by a lecturer. Merging the worlds of two writers such as William Shakespeare and John Milton is really exciting, to say the least.

A creative literary spin on reading-on-the-go when you don’t have the time or attention for a real book. Suss nails it with keeping things book-centered with podcasts, booklets, and yes, even the newspaper. I love these ideas so much!

We’re endlessly inspired by Bryt’s creative undertakings with bring books to life in various ways. Her latest Hobbit-inspired garden project is something I would absolutely love to do. Especially since The Hobbit is on my fall TBR!


Catherine reads some of the most interesting books, and more than once, has encouraged me to pick up one of her recommendations.

A super dreamy, moody lifestyle feed by Kourtney that pretty much always feels like fall, and we are here for it!

Gorgeous city views, yummy food, and books—what more could we want? Interesting discussions and witty humor, of course.


Michaela - I’m starting in on Madame Bovary (oh yes friends, I did indeed research the hell out of the translation options) for our IRL book club and finally finishing up Gideon the Ninth ! Reading has been slow this month, but I am so looking forward to spending some time with both of these.

Rikki - I’ve read so many good things lately, but am now settled into the 7th and final Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, along with a read-along of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (which is much better than I expected) with my son for school. Lastly, with summer abruptly ending, I was going to give up on my summer reading, but I had the much anticipated Dandelion Wine left, so I’ve reclaimed it and am jumping back in!