Cheers to the Weekend 8.23.19


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Our blog has taken a back seat to life through this second part of summer, and honestly, we respect that our lives demand more of us, and so, we decide to remain present. Maybe we’ll never be big time bloggers, but we respect the real life happening outside of this wonderful space and come back when time allows. I’ve accumulated some great links and bookstagrammers I’ve been anxious to share with you again, so I’m happy to step back in, if only for a moment. We hope your summer has been delightful as well!


A beautiful late summer read for those looking for a nature-escape and reflection on love and loss from NYT writer, Margaret Renkl. Read more about it here.

I won’t even lie, fall has been toying with summer with our back and forth hot afternoons, cool nights, and foggy mornings. There are many anticipated fall books, and we’re definitely planning which books will make our TBR. Are you looking forward to any of new releases?

I am definitely here for this stack of “funny books” and love the backlist meets classics meets new releases.

I won’t even lie, I’ve jumped on the Clarice Lispector revival train, and have really enjoyed her Selected Cronicas.


“Books as accessories” certainly has my attention and full agreement. I’m definitely inspired by Ellen!

Fellow English or Lit students create some great conversation around the books they’re reading for school and for pleasure. And Zo has a great simple lifestyle vibe.

Jessica mixes her life in so well on her captions with her reading life. This is another lovely simple lifestyle feed that I find myself visiting to see what she’ll post next.


Michaela - I just picked up Maia because it’s a friends’s favorite book! Coming in at over 1200 pages, I might be reading it for a while!

Rikki - After finishing our slow buddy read of Travels with Charley, I quickly re-read And Then There Were None, immediately picked up Phaedra Patrick’s The Library of Lost and Found, all while savoring Hannah Coulter, like bookstagram told me to.