Self-Care for Readers


It’s no secret that self-care has become a bit of a trend lately. I really love the idea—the reminders—to take the time to take care of yourself. But as I’ve finally come to a period of time where it’s a central focus for myself, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

The thing is, self-care is vitally important for EVERYONE! From eating right to getting proper sleep, drinking enough water and adequate exercise, there are key elements that are relatively well-known. The last few years I’ve had some big shifting in the tectonic plates of my life, if you will, and as things are finally settling down and move forward, I have time to think and dedicate to what matters. This article about how clinicians practice self-care has more detail if you’re the researcher type. I’m always curious what useful ways work for others!


As I continue to go about my days, paying attention to my body, spend hours hunched over a book, I’ve started feeling it. My body is asking me for better care, more water, and exercise. That’s not all though, seasonal depression is a real issue that many people encounter this time of year above all others, and we are no strangers. I’ve found that yoga is a calm form of exercise and relaxation I look forward to every day. That 15-30 minutes clearing my head and moving my body is my favorite thing right now, along with long walks alone or with my kiddos. This article runs adjacent to my own ideals on self-care, meaning, you don’t have to run out and spend a small fortune to take care of yourself. A simple trip to the library can really do the trick!


I have also been reading just for myself and to achieve personal goals since the New Year, and it’s been so relieving focusing on my actual resolutions. I’m gravitating toward books that I feel good about reading, that I’ve been wanting to read, and that feel overall very satisfying. I’ve discovered how much I truly love seasonal reading, and Ali Smith’s Spring and Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, is everything right now. Oh, and a little fantasy with The Raven Boys and some history with White Rose, and we’re just not doing anything else right now if we can help it!

You know though, reading really is its own form of self care, so all of this is to say, keep on reading friends! If self-help books are your thing, I highly recommend this list. I’ve only read Quiet (which I really enjoyed), but I also love that they include cookbooks (I’d also recommend My Kitchen Year), I am so here for that! Unplug, leave your phones off or in another room, allow your mind to relax, and if you can, enjoy a calm, peaceful experience. Read what feels good to you, soak in a tub, pour a cup of hot tea—whatever suits you!

Do you have a favorite method of self-care? Share in the comments below!

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