Abrams Dinner Party Meets My Current Reads | Ibiza


We have been accepted into the Abrams Dinner Party line up for fall and spring 2018-2019. After the incredible snow storm that rocked the country, many of our fall and winter books arrived late, so we’re still powering through with excitement at trying new things from the beautiful new cookbooks making their way out into the world, all complimentary from Abrams. It’s been so great to explore thus far and with spring upon us, the excitement has renewed with the longer days of sunshine and warmth!


*We were sent this book in exchange for an honest review, and of course, all opinions are wholly our own. You can see our policy right here


Before I dive into what I made, I chose this specific recipe with a few things in mind. I’ve been a gardener for about six years now, and with so much time in learning how and when things grow in my climate, I’ve become well versed in seasonal cooking. As a way to feel more connected to the food we’re consuming, to our lives on micro levels, it’s another world entirely to learn about seasonal foods, especially when growing them yourself. One of the challenges I’ve put myself on with these cookbooks is to cook mostly from what I already have on hand, and try to follow the recipe as much as possible.

I really love Mimine’s earthy style that is represented in her cookbook, Ibiza: Land and Sea, which immediately drew me in. Initially though, I held off wanting to cook from her cookbook, because the sun drenched photos and bright red tomatoes were all I could see. I wanted summer and fresh off-the-vine toms more than anything! After further perusing, I took note of the main ingredients she uses through each course, broken up into categories, and that’s when I noticed that she had her vegetables lined up just right for the season—despite all that gorgeous sunlight pouring in through the trees. Do you think you can tell I’m from the PNW and have been stuck in a long, dark gray winter?!


I’m really glad that we had some extra time to get to cooking from this cookbook, because spring is slowly approaching and the sun was shining when I found the recipe I wanted to try! With some leftover sugar pumpkins waiting to be roasted and a few fresh greens ready for trimming, I formulated a quick and easy meal to go with the pumpkin gnocchi recipe in Ibiza!


After gathering fresh herbs and greens to pair with the sausage I had waiting and the gnocchi I was getting ready to cook, it was time to assemble the dish and get it “piping hot!” A dainty stem of sage and a stack of new books took us outside to set the table and soak in the last rays of sun before reluctantly pulling ourselves inside for the night.


I’ve never made gnocchi before, and I was truly shocked at how easy, even a little fun it is to make! Also, I can see this being an incredibly versatile thing to get creative with, and I absolutely plan to. Since I had this one last sugar pumpkin left from my fall garden, I loved learning a new way to prepare it, AND this was a hit with the whole family (who might be a little tired of pumpkin and squash).

Of course, I did amp up the garlic and herbs, cooked down some fresh arugula and baby kale, added sausage, then made the sauce to pour over the gnocchi before letting the flavors cook together one final time. Mimine suggests pairing this dish with a lovely roast, but this seemed too good an opportunity to pass to make a one pot dish. It was a tasty and filling success!


As we get closer to summer, I’m really looking forward to trying more of her recipes. Although, there is a cherry rhubarb crumble that will be perfect to try when the rhubarb comes in this spring (although, sub cherries for strawberries since they’ll be season together in my garden). I can just imagine all of the dinners outside and reading until the sun goes down.

While reading Cry of the Kalahari, I’ve been thinking a lot about seasonal living and working toward a greater purpose. It’s no surprise that I find myself working out in the garden more and more with the clear days we’ve had, but also breaking to read from time to time. This book will undoubtedly become a favorite, I’ve really been captivated by Delia Owens once again. Where the Crawdads Sing is her most recent and popular release that I also enjoyed immensely.

Thanks so much Abrams for having us as members for the dinner parties, we’re having so much fun already and look forward to the next one! Be sure to check out the first one we did and this simple weeknight dinner with a few good books!