Cheers to the Weekend 1.11.19


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Can you believe Pride and Prejudice is celebrating its 203rd anniversary?! If that’s a thing worth celebrating to you, here’s a list of retellings to commemorate the occasion.

I read and loved Fahrenheit 451 last year. So this is kind of the coolest, strangest thing!

Do you agree this is the best thing to do for your reading life?

Are you looking to up your photo game? These tips will help you get there!

Some of the most anticipated books of 2019. Are any of these on your list?! I see a few I’m anxious for.


I love to see posts with equal parts talk of the book and discussions. Jordan has it down!

Anaïse has an interesting taste and style that I can’t help but be drawn to.

A lovely literary lifestyle feed full of color, good books, and good conversation.

What We’re Reading

Michaela- I’m reading like three books, and since two are pretty heavy, I needed a brain break and have been focused on The Hating Game, which is pretty much exactly what you’d expect: funny, fluffy, and pure escapist fantasy.

Rikki - Seabiscuit is a lovely story so far. I’m anxious to get into the meat of it and be fully immersed, like I know to expect from Hillenbrand. I’ve finally committed to Lolita as well, aside from the difficult story, the writing is insanely phenomenal. I’m also listening to Between Shades of Gray, and is a really good, but hard-to-hear historical fiction story.