Cheers to the Weekend 2.8.19


We have so much real life happening right now that in all honesty, there just isn’t as much reading happening as we’d prefer. That’s how it tends to go sometimes, but we know that in time, we’ll get back to our beloved pages. Lately, I’ve been making time to get back into my yoga practice, more herbal teas, and general self-care overall. Below you’ll find a few things that have helped along the way. Do you have any self care resources you love? We’d love to hear about it, leave a comment below! Happy weekend, friends!

Around the web

This is beyond relatable and truly excellent! “The world is full of tips for looking after our bodies, but what about our minds?

This is such an interesting round up of books to guide you to self-care. Have you read any?

These 10 tips are what you’d expect to see, and I’m always grateful for the reminder.

Does gifting yourself with new workout gear motivate you? Sometimes, I’m not sure, but I do have my eye on this new hoodie, and okay, this bag too!

Here are some great diverse romance novels for fun, easy reading. Bookish brain candy?

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s list of audiobooks to get you through that cleaning frenzy is excellent!

I’m picking up this book asap after reading this article titled, Selfless Girls Will Win Us the War.


Carla has a warm, fun, and creative feed to keep you inspired.

Excellent book choices who’s variety runs the gamut, and also, Suzie’s the cutest.

We love Rachel’s simple literary lifestyle vibe, with plenty of bookish insight.

What We’re Reading

Michaela - Reading? What reading? Honestly this week has been so busy as we prepare to sell our house, I haven’t even glanced at a book. Hopefully next week calms down!

Rikki - I’ve recently started The Idiot by Elif Batuman, so far, so good! I’ll also be wrapping up a quick non fic read of Days of Reading by Proust.