Our Favorite Backlist Loving Bookstagrammers

On a social media platform that is incredibly saturated with readers, products, and trends, it can be very easy to get swept up in what’s new and shiny. Especially with books, we are constantly trying to stay apart of the conversation, meaning, we need to read what’s trending right now. While we love being a part of those conversations and learning about new releases, new authors, and all the good stuff floating around Bookstagram, we also LOVE backlist titles. There’s a distinct difference between accounts that feature new titles and accounts that feature old titles, and while they’re both amazing, we want to take some time to give love to those who love the classics, the lesser knowns, the indie’s, and mostly read what they want with little fear of missing out. Our hat’s go off to you, friends.

We’ve been asked before who our favorite backlist bookstagrammers are. Sometimes, you just need a break from the shiny new contemporary titles and find some tried and true books that you’re going to love. And so we’re sharing those ‘grammers that we enjoy seeing time and again, mostly, because of the fresh perspectives of old books.

A quick caveat for these backlist lovers: just because they’re on this list doesn’t mean they NEVER post about new books, because they do. However, these are my go-to profiles for backlist titles, classics, or indie’s that I’m constantly craving.


I tend to really love teachers on Instagram. I’m working toward university teaching and enjoy their fresh perspectives and insight to their personal reading lives. Sarah from @book50blog has a great feed with well loved classics as well as some newer familiar titles, and a couple middle grade favorites thrown in for good measure.

There are levels of classic books: the really popular well-known classics, and the other books of really popular well-known authors. Shabnam of @ophelia.desdemona knows exactly what I’m talking about with her selection of slightly more obscure classics. I love her picks!

Another teacher that has great taste in old classics plus more recent you-know-these-will-someday-be-classics books is @bookmateriality, who seems to always be surrounded by beautiful stacks of books.

I fully appreciate those who are intentional readers and slower readers. In a time where we try to shove in as much as possible all the time (guilty!), I love the reminder to slow down, take my time reading, and to not feel the pressure. Thanks Hannah, @thelittlebookroom. Plus, we seem to share a mutual love of well-used books.

Stacks upon stacks, Andy of @places_and_books gives me serious vintage book envy and I adore the beautiful quotes he shares from classics.

I’ve loved Tineke of @whatithriftedtoday since we joined Bookstagram a few years ago. She is a fellow thrifting lover, reader of all the classics, university lecturer, and thru-hiker. I kinda want to be her best friend. @vanreads is a newer to me account that has a similar lifestyle feel that I also adore, her selection of books really builds my TBR.

Another favorite I’ve been following for a long time is Siobhan of @thehalycondaysofsummer. I adore her backlist books, classics, and mutual favorite authors. Plus, she lives in the loveliest place in the UK where I’m constantly dreaming of spending my days sipping tea and reading old books.

I’m sure I could go on and on, but I’ll finish with @diverseclassics, which is absolutely my jam. I could read diverse classics forever and ever, and I absolutely love this account for connecting readers with these types of important books. I’m so glad for the effort of the sweet soul who puts time into this account.

Do you have any bookstagrammers you love who feature a lot of backlist or different books? Let us know, cause we’d love to follow them too!

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