Back to School Shopping Must Haves


I've been back to school shopping for my kids for years, but it just doesn't compare to when it's you cracking open a new notebook, sharpening a new pencil, and even picking out a few new outfits (can't hurt, right?!). I CANNOT HELP MYSELF, I LOVE a new bundle of pens and pencils, untarnished folders, and all the little bookish gifts I've been eyeing and finally splurge on.


I am a SUCKER for stylish totes and bags as we head into the school year. For me, I've been in classes since January and kept on all through summer, it's finally time I treat myself. I've been eyeing this messenger bag, but for my book loving heart, I might get this one too! For bookish totes, these are my latest obsession.

I have a constant and endless supply of bookmarks, but these still stand as my most favorite.

As I am finishing the Harry Potter series, I just CAN'T HELP MYSELF with these pencils! I will also splurge for THESE ones too and this for a mechanical when I feel the need, it's so cute! For pens, I've read these are so great, especially as I write notes I don't want to forget and fear pencil wear. 

This standard journal is excellent, but I also love this leather bound one. But of course, I need the occasional spiral-bound, and this is the tried and true one I always pick up and have on hand.

How have I been living without these sticky notes my whole life?!

Has anyone picked their big cozy fall reads yet?! I'll have mine in tow as I head to the coffee shops Saturday morning, and Michaela will have hers.

To get us through those long nights, we aren't going to feel guilty about a strong diverse novel and a custom cocktail from Bad People Book Club. Ardent10 for 10% off your order!

To make up for that cocktail, I'll pick up a fresh new mug for the next morning's strong cup of coffee.


You have got to tell me what you're picking up as back to school shopping goes into full force! What are your favorite things?!