Cheers to the Weekend 8.10.18


Happy Friday, friends! This weekend is Rikki's first week off school in many moons, so we are celebrating by going to a huge book sale hosted by one of our favorite local indies! They're clearing some space, and the sale is going to be so big they are taking over their parking lot to put everything out. We are obviously all over that. To add to the bookishness of this weekend, tonight is our city's annual showing of Shakespeare in the Park, and they will be performing The Merry Wives of Windsor. What are you guys up to? Anything fun? Reading anything good?


Around The Web

Okay, I LOVE this story! We talk a lot about this, because we both have people in our lives we wish were bigger readers and haven't been sure how to give the right push, so this was perfect.

The back-to-school campus novel lists have begun to pop up and we are HERE for it. Ugh, fall can't come soon enough.

Seriously, how much would you have loved these awesome library spaces as a kid?

I spy some indie favorites in this round up of books that released this week! One of these is also at the very top of my wish list (hint: toast is involved).

Who is seeing Crazy Rich Asians in the theaters this week? I keep seeing great reviews, and while I didn't love the book, I think it has great potential as a movie.

Also, words cannot describe how excited I am for these books, even if I have to wait until 2020 to get my hands on them. I love solarpunk, and can't wait to see how she plays with the genre!



We are head over heels for Andie's amazing feed. It's natural and cohesive, and features great reads!

Emily's feed makes us feel like we could be best friends, and is gorgeously shot.

We love to see other people who jointly run accounts and Gitana and Amelie run an especially vibrant one.


What We're Reading

Michaela- I've recently become quite the book commitment-phobe, but I am hoping to read more of Record of A Spaceborn Few and of The Mere Wife, and also to give myself permission to DNF this one. It always hurts me to not love a book I thought I would be head over heels for, ugh.

Rikki- I recently finished Of Mice and Men, and found myself wondering why I ever waited so long to read it. It's beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. I'm about five chapters into Circe and it's picking up pace to where I just want to sit and READ! I've also just started  while sneaking in the last few chapters of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the evenings.





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