Cheers to the Weekend 12.14.18


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The holidays are in full swing for us this weekend, and we’re spending it with our families doing some of our favorite traditions. Trips to see Santa, light displays, family dinners, and more. We’re both hoping to sneak in more time to read, because it feels like December is flying past us and our TBR’s have barely been touched! What are you guys up to this weekend? Reading anything good?

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What We're Reading

Michaela - So. Close. To. Finishing. War and Peace!

Rikki - Guys, I am nearly done with A Little Life, and after hitting a short period of not wanting to read on, I’ve come into a renewed sense of loving the story and am so excited. I think I’ll start on Stoner next, until I get my copy of The Nutcracker to read for our dinner party and buddy read this month.