Cheers to the Weekend 11.17.18


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Instead of our usual coffee date, we’re preparing for our annual Friendsgiving, and this year, we’re styling it like a dinner party. We’re so excited! With cooler temps, we’re enjoying all the cozy indoor time with cups of hot tea in the meantime. Are you preparing for the holidays already?

Around the Web

Lists for the favorite books of 2018 are starting to show up. I’m not ready to commit yet, but I love to see which ones I’ve read are making people’s lists!

An interesting interview with author of Green, Sam Graham-Felsen, on some timely and sensitive topics.

Curious about what writers think about writing? Colin Winnette answers some questions in this interview.

This podcast talks about the National Book Awards giving translated literature the spotlight for the first time since 1983.

Self-care is so important, especially during the darker days of the long, cold winter. A list of books to make you feel better is going to change our TBR, for sure!


Such a relaxed, lifestyle feed, with the occasional good views, and bookstores too

All the beautiful lattes and books our heart’s desire

I’m a sucker for an account full of good classics, and Charlotte has the coziest mix of the best books

What We're Reading

Michaela - I’m taking a little intermission from War and Peace to read Good Omens, but it’s so hard to put down with my determination to finish!

Rikki - Other People’s Love Affairs and A Little Life are mostly on hold right now so I can try to finish our book club book, Good Omens, for the end of the month.