Cheers to the Weekend 9.15.18


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 A very happy and lazy weekend to you! Our biggest plans include brunching on pumpkin pancakes, lighting our seasonal candles, drinking plenty of hot tea, and curling up with our books while it stays windy and gray and cool outside. What are you guys up to?

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It’s getting to that time when the seasons shift and we feel drawn to more dark and gothic-style stories. We’re preparing a few for the coming months, and I just picked up the first one on this list! Have you read it?

A good dose of shelf inspiration/envy from real people. These shelves are all GORGEOUS, and I love that they’re in real people’s homes and not just styled for a shoot.

We talked a little this week about Michaela’s struggle with grief novels, but if you enjoy them, or need literary help with coping with loss, here’s a great list of books to try!

Headed to the Brooklyn Book Festival? Here’s everything you need to know.

Did you see the National Book Awards longlist??? Have you read any of them yet?

I love love LOVE this booksellers lament!



For all of the loveliest flowers and books your heart desires

I dream of living in the English countryside, and Kayte’s lifestyle photos are so charming

An entire family of readers?! Yes, please! We’re participating in their #readwhatyouown September challenge 

What We're Reading

Michaela - Honestly, I’m focused on The Mobius Strip Club of Grief as a buddy-read with my brother this weekend! I do have Record of a Spaceborn Few open as well, because I can never just be reading one book :) I’m definitely ready for some heavy fantasy after these, because that’s my favorite kind of fall read. I’m thinking The Lies of Locke Lamora; anyone read it?

Rikki - After The Kitchen House gave me a serious book hangover, I’ve been moving back and forth between books to see what sticks. I started The Picture of Dorian Gray and didn’t expect to find it as satirical and hilarious as it is, but it’s brilliant.