Cheers to the Weekend 7.27.18

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It's the last weekend in July! Here in the PNW, August is really the last hurrah for summer before temperatures cool down in September. As summer wanes, we're planning our final warm-weather reads and looking ahead to the next season. August is also going to bring BIG news from us, and we can't wait to share! This weekend we are looking forward to meeting up for our Saturday breakfast date, and spending as much time outside as we possibly can with our families! What are you guys up to?



A super fascinating look at how one of my favorite books this month became a surprise international bestseller.

Want a fairytale retelling with a bit more of an edge? Check out this list!

An amazing list of graphic novels by female authors; I spy some favorites, do you?

Thoughts on making friends as an adult, through books. Sign us up, because we always need more bookish friends!

High brow beach reads, if that's your style (spoiler alert: it's ours).



From good books to the loveliest scenes around her home, you really just want to crawl in and talk books all day

Hannah has a lovely feed with a wide selection of really good books

Great lifestyle scenes and books on the go, and we love her light-hearted humor 



Michaela - I'm polishing off Circe ahead of our readalong so that I can pass Rikki my copy (we love to share and trade our books around!) and then focusing my attention on the last bit of Bitter Orange which Tin House kindly gifted us and I am LOVING. I'm really excited this is a fall release, because it is so deliciously atmospheric. 

Rikki - I know, I know, I'm slowly inching along through a few different books, but I'm immensely enjoying each one. I'm at the halfway point with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The Girl in the Garden is a book to slowly read and soak up the character-driven details, I'm loving it. I just finished The Power of Habit, and I really loved that book as well, a great non-fiction read for the month! Lastly, Michaela passed on Northwood (thanks Catapult for gifting us this one!) and man, it's something else. I love how uniquely formatted and written it is!