August Read-Along with Rikki & Michaela | Circe

Reading can be so lonely at times, can't it? You pick up a new book and wonder, is this any good? You are halfway through and wonder, what just happened?! You finish a book, close the cover, and look around eager for a friend to talk to. Yeah, we know that feeling too.

If we could meet in real life, that'd be ideal. But since we can't, we think a virtual book club is the next best thing. We've both been working on spending more time for "just me," and sometimes reading can be that much needed downtime. We used to go to our local book club together, but since my baby girl came along last fall, those evenings away can prove to be really challenging. Some day I'll get back there, but until then, I'm turning to you. 

August Book Pick + Discussion


We were debating back and forth what would be a good first pick, and of course, we wanted something we've both been anticipating. Then we took to the polls on Instagram, and there was a clear winner, plus, the feedback we received about doing this read-along was exceptional. We're so thankful to have such good bookish friends. If it turns out you've already read the book, we'd love to still have you join in the discussion. And if you have any suggestions for next month, let us know.

We've talked about starting this book club for awhile now, and the timing is finally working out. With the end of the month fast approaching, we quickly chose a title on our radar. For August, let’s read Circe by Madeline Miller. Because it would be impossible to choose one book that everyone hasn’t read, even if you’ve already read this, please still join in the discussion below without giving away the book. Be sure to join in with us next month when we choose a new book!  Bonus points if you recommend books for us to read!


Read-Along Rules

  1. No pressure! This is supposed to be fun and encouraging. Set your own pace and enjoy reading! 

  2. We plan on keeping the discussion on this post so it doesn't get lost on Instagram. Share your favorite part, quotes, goals, progress, or encourage others. Definitely share when you finish and what you thought!
  3. Be kind. Not everyone will love the books we choose, but varying opinions is what makes this so engaging and fun. 

Making Time to Read

I encourage you to answer this question right now. How are you going to make time to read this month? I trade a lot of picking up my phone or turning on the TV for picking up a book, and you'd be really surprised how much time that ends up being. Maybe a few minutes early in the morning or before bed. During your lunch break, or a step away from work, or before you start dinner even. There are pockets of time throughout your day that you'd be surprised what you can squeeze in. But the idea is that this time reading is time well spent, not a chore. Get lost in the pages, but please, don't burn dinner.

Getting Started

To get started, borrow or purchase a copy of Circe and start reading at your own pace, but before that, introduce yourself below in the comment section and answer these three questions:

  1. Tell us of a good book you've read recently.
  2. How do you plan to make time to read this month?
  3. Suggest a book you'd like to read next.

We'll go first, and thanks so much for joining in!  I am so excited to make more time to read and intentionally make some time for myself.