October Read-Along with Rikki & Michaela | Frankenstein

Our first ever read-along back in August was wonderful! We had lively discussions over a great book, check it out here. September flew by us and before we could even think about planning things out, October was here. It’s a season of slowing down, so we’re working hard to be a bit more intentional about that, especially when it comes to our reading lives.

We don’t plan every book we read each month like we used to, instead we decided to read more for our own moods and we haven’t looked back. Add in seasonal reading and it’s just an exceptional stack of books we’re working through, sometimes. Recently, Frankenstein caught my eye and I decided there was no better time to read it than October.

October Book Pick + Discussion


We really enjoy reading along with so many wonderful friends on-line, and the timing is finally working out that we’re not only planning to do this virtual read-along, but we’re also meeting in real life at the end of the month! Locals, mark your calendars for Sunday, the 28th of October! Location to be announced. Because it would be impossible to choose one book that everyone hasn’t read, even if you’ve already read this, please still join in the discussion below without spoilers. Bonus points if you recommend books for us to read!


Read-Along Rules

  1. No pressure! This is supposed to be fun and encouraging. Set your own pace and enjoy reading! 

  2. We plan on keeping the discussion on this post so it doesn't get lost on Instagram. Share your favorite part, quotes, goals, progress, or encourage others. Definitely share when you finish and what you thought!

  3. Be kind. Not everyone will love the books we choose, but varying opinions is what makes this so engaging and fun.

Making Time to Read

I encourage you to answer this question right now. How are you going to make time to read this month? I trade a lot of picking up my phone or turning on the TV for picking up a book, and you'd be really surprised how much time that ends up being. Maybe a few minutes early in the morning or before bed. During your lunch break, or a step away from work, or before you start dinner even. There are pockets of time throughout your day that you'd be surprised what you can squeeze in. But the idea is that this time reading is time well spent, not a chore. Get lost in the pages, but please, don't burn dinner.

Getting Started

To get started, borrow or purchase a copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and start reading at your own pace, but before that, introduce yourself below if you’ve never joined us before, in the comment section and answer these three questions:

  1. Tell us of a good book you've read recently.

  2. How do you plan to make time to read this month?

  3. Suggest a book you'd like to read next.

We'll go first, and thanks so much for joining in!  I am so excited to make more time to read and intentionally make some time for myself.