Cheers to the Weekend 6.15.18

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Another week flew by somehow and TGIF! My husband was on a business trip this week and finally gets home tonight. Despite that, we had a great week, the highlight of which was a literary dinner party for This One Summer. Cut greenery in simple jars, lots of candlelight on a picnic table, the perfect warm summer evening, and roasting s'mores around a was a good one, friends. We can't wait for more summer dinner parties and are already making plans for the next two! We're also headed into the last week of school for some of our older kiddos and summer is really getting going here; we're in for a beautiful weekend. What are you guys up to?


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Grace has a lovely cohesive feed with subtle tones and great books that draw you right in

I'm a sucker for artsy photos of cityscapes. Paired with the classics and a cup of tea, what more do you need?!

Apparently I'm on a roll with NYC, I love Ani's captions and old world feel of her photos


What We're Reading

Michaela - I sat down and read 3 books last night after mostly ignoring reading all week. Amulet was a little too straightforward for me while Lumberjanes basically read like an episode of Adventure Time, but with badass lady friends and had me laughing out loud. I also read Eeeee Eee Eeee at my brother's request and while I understood what it was doing, and it did it well, it was just not for me. I fully appreciate why my brother specifically loves it so much though, so it was worthwhile in that sense. 

Rikki - I finished Beartown again, having only skimmed through it before, because library due dates are unforgiving. It put me right into a book hangover I'm still attempting to crawl out of. I've been savoring reading Us Against You, you can see my self-proclamation of love for Backman's work right here. And you should, it's great! I also just finished The Wonder, which was a testament of my patience to get to the climax of the story (spoiler: it's at the verrrrry end), but it was good nonetheless. Lastly, I started Leigh Kramer's, A Storied Life, which has been a warm novel to sit with at the end of each day.