Our Favorite Tote Bags to Carry Our Library Hauls

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We have four kids between us now, three of them are avid readers (and the littlest one will be in a couple years!) plus ourselves, so taking tote bags on library trips has become a necessity. We can easily fill a bag or two with everyone's picks each time we pop in to our local branch. Of course, if we're taking tote bags, we might as well choose cute ones, right? Check out some of our tried and true favorites as well as some pretty ones we have our eye on. 


Can't go wrong with a library card tote bag! On point, simple, and cute.

Representing our favorite local bookstore with this tote; go check out your local indies! 

My trusty favorite; I take this one on pretty much every library trip and it's held up magnificently.


If you want something sleeker and more polished, try this one. That blush color is stunning.

Or go a little trendier with a modern straw tote or this beachy number.

From classics to recent bestsellers, these totes are gorgeous.


Abstract and fun, we love this one! That accidentally rhymed, hah!

Are we obsessed with this tote after all this time? Always

Seriously in love the unique paneling on this tote.

Prefer to have a zipper? This one is my absolute favorite. Madewell can do no wrong. 


See anything you love? I think I'll be picking up this one for the summer to carry my library holds, take to the beach, and tote around my farmer's market finds. I kind of can't get enough totes lately, it's a problem!

Do you have a dedicated library tote? Where did you find yours??