Cheers to the Weekend 5.11.18


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Happy Mother's Day weekend! Are any of you doing anything special to celebrate yourself or the mothers in your lives? Rikki and I spent our weekly coffee date in a brand new coffee shop and wandered around to some of our favorite haunts which were rife with gorgeous Mother's Day bouquets and pop up florists. We're also both busy reading, and we got a flood of bookmail recently that we can't wait to share! 

Enjoy the weekend, friends!


Around the Web

Given the recent hubbub around I'll Be Gone in the Dark and the recent arrest of the Golden State Killer, it's quite timely to look at why we enjoy reading about serial killers.

A spot-on review of a book I just finished (giveaway coming soon!).

Plus the author wrote an article about some of the best curses in literature.

And if you liked that, then here are some of the best opening lines in literature. These are fascinating to me, and I spotted some favorites!



We absolutely enjoy Sarah's simple, yet beautiful bookish feed.

Alex has such a lovely way of embracing the seasons, lifestyle, and books

Lori's authentic, homey vibe is so welcoming, and she has the cutest little girl!


What We're Reading

Michaela - I finished What Should Be Wild earlier in the week, which I read with some instagram friends, and have moved on to The Djinn Falls In Love, a short story collection recommended on Get Booked (one of my favorite podcasts!).

Rikki - I recently finished Hidden Figures and am now fully immersed in Americanah. Despite an unsure start, I can't put it down! My oldest kid and I are buddy reading Spin the Golden Light Bulb, which has been so fun! Lastly, my kids and I just started listening to Raymie Nightingale together too.