Cheers to the Weekend 5.4.18

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How did everyone's first week of May go? We spent the week entertaining houseguests and working in our respective gardens to prepare for a summer of lush green things in our yards! I also started gathering a fresh spring/summer wardrobe after a winter of jeans and sweaters in dark, cozy colors. I'm excited for skirts and sandals and laid back vibes! 


Around the Web

This interview with the owners of Literati bookstore is so great! We love getting the stories behind indie bookstores.

Building off of that, some thoughts about local bookstores as a way to combat hate.

You may have noticed my recent short story binge, and here's a few more I want to add to my TBR!

Speaking of short stories, our friend Morgan linked the most perfect article about a collection I loved, and I found a review that PERFECTLY captures my feelings about the best collection I read last month.



Kara does a great job taking photos that are both aesthetic and true-to-life and her book choices are stellar!

Many light-filled flat lays make up Lucie's lovely feed, while dreaming of Paris.

Zaeema has some gems tucked away in her feed!


What We're Reading

Michaela - I'm solidly 100 pages into both Garlic and Sapphires and Children of Earth and Sky and enjoying them both for very different reasons. A food memoir and my favorite author's newest book = my favorite things!

Rikki - This morning I finished A Thousand Country Roads. Feedings with baby girl are getting less and less, so reading at night is slow going, but I'm making my way through Americanah on my kindle, and am just now starting Spin the Golden Lightbulb as a buddy read with my oldest. Lastly, I've been enjoying flipping through The Little Library Cookbook to pick out a few fun recipes to make from our favorite classic novels.