Tips to Photograph Spring Books

Spring has finally arrived, and we all took a collective deep breath to welcome in that fresh spring air. There's no time like spring to pull oneself out of hibernation and outside in the sunshine. We know there might be some snow melting where you are, or rainy days ahead, but a bouquet of fresh flowers will add some cheer as it all starts to fade away. 

If you're familiar with our literary lifestyle photos, you'll already know how much I love light and texture. Spring and fall are two of the best times of year to really, truly embrace those elements. If you're interested in taking photos outside, slide on your rainbows and take a walk. You'll want to take notice of all that's changing outside your front door. It might be awfully subtle, but trust me, it's there. The longer days give us ample opportunity to explore. Since things are just starting to grow and bloom, look a little closer for those details. 


01 | Light

Find a well lit area. Think natural light.

02 | Texture

What can you pull into the frame to create visual appeal and add texture? 

03 | Focus

 Tap the subject on your phone camera to make sure the exposure and focus is in the right place

04 | Straight lines

Use the grid option to use the rule of thirds and/or line up that horizon

05 | Step back, step forward

Looking at what you're photographing, it's always worth it to take a step back and see more of what's around you. Likewise, take a step in to get nice and close. 

06 | Signs of Life

Whether you're putting yourself in the frame or having someone model for you, showing a bit of yourself can offer the best sign of life in your photo. Alternately, pull in that bouquet you just picked up to brighten your home or step outside to show off the season where you are (see above photo).

07 | Create a Mood Board

We love Pinterest for this reason, but also the collections option on Instagram. If you have trouble pinpointing your style or what you're most attracted to, creating a mood board, however you might do it, will collectively show what you like. You'll see a common thread in the images you save, the images that inspire you, and the style you naturally gravitate toward.


For a more detailed post with photography tips, check out this post here. If you have any other questions or tips, feel free to let us know in the comments below!