Our First Bookstagram Meetup

We finally hosted a much anticipated Bookstagram Meetup in Tacoma. I've honestly been avoiding Michaela's mentions of it, because I'm too introverted for hosting such an event. I need more to do than talk, and this sort of thing is all talk. Thankfully, it was all about books, and that's an easy topic to cover. Since I had my baby girl last fall, I ran out of excuses to postpone the meetup, so we finally scheduled a date, made the announcement, and here we all are! 

We got there early and settled in to meet everyone. We laughed about how no one would show up, but it would be okay, because we'd just consider it a girl date. We don't do much without our kids in tow. We didn't have to worry about it too much though, because these lovely ladies strolled in one by one, and we proceeded to talk for four non-stop hours, closing the place down. We peeled ourselves away for the drive home and anticipation of the work week starting the following day.

For those few hours, we felt completely surrounded by our people. How had we never met these women before? As our guards went down, we shared about our lives, about spouses, work, social media, and our beloved books. We brought some books to swap, to talk about, and felt pretty excited for our common interests.

At one point, a man asked if we were a bible study group. No offense at all, but we laughed so hard. "No," we replied. Before we could respond further, another man said, "Can't you see, they're Oprah's book club!" We laughed even harder that time and said, "Yeah, something like that." I suppose our large stack of books was a little out of place, but it was our identifier and talking point, if needed. 

It was a surreal experience to put faces to the people we talk to on social media. It was a really great experience. It was better than we could've imagined, actually, and we hope, of course, to see them all again! 

Thanks so much for coming out to hang with us Kaitlin, Sam, Christine, Shusma, and Laura!

Rikki Rivera2 Comments