How We Fared With Our 2018 Reading Resolutions



My 2018 resolutions were:

  1. Read more selectively

I’m not sure how good I was about this, honestly, though I did improve over the course of the year. I’m finally coming out of the process of learning who I am as a reader now, and getting better at choosing books for myself, and a lot of that has been wrought from discovering the power of saying “no” to a book just because other people like it, or because I want access to the conversation about a trendy new book.

2. Read more from my own shelves

I failed at this, I’m not going to lie. I only read a handful of my unread shelf, and should probably recommit myself to this goal because I put WAY MORE BOOKS on the shelf than I read and took off of it! I’m genuinely excited about what I have collected, I just need to resist the siren’s call of the library.


My 2018 resolutions were:

  1. Have more books on my shelves that are read versus not read

I scarcely know what to say about my reading life this year. I read 92 books. More than ever before. I kind of like the trend of reading more than previous years, but a lot of my reading was because of classes (done with school now though!!!), and I don’t regret it one bit, nor will I aim to continue doing that intentionally.

My tastes changed so very much this year, and a ton of new and old books joined the ranks of ‘home’ on my shelves. And because of that, I can’t say that I really read more from my shelves, since so much has changed; so many books were donated and others filled their space. But, I did want to read more classics, and I do feel that I accomplished that. Which, I think is my primary aim for 2019, along with reading more from my shelves…again.

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