Cozying Up Your Reading Space for Winter


Ready or not, cold weather is upon us. I mean that literally: it SLEETED this morning here in the PNW and we are looking at freezing temperatures at night this week. The gray and the cold and the rain really get me down in the wintertime, and I’ve found that the best guard against seasonal depression is making sure I really love being in my indoor space since I’m forced to spend so much more time in it. This season, there are a few things I did to really cozy up my reading space (and my house) for the gray days to come.



A good, cozy blanket can go a long way whether you’re curled up in your favorite chair, sprawled on the couch, or huddled in bed under the covers. I’ve been trending toward darker colors this season and recently picked up this one to add some color to my space, though this and this also look fantastically cozy.


I’m always surprised at how much pillows can refresh a space! I recently upgraded my back pillows on my bed, and swapped out my couch pillows for some fun seasonal ones. I love this fun faux fur option, this cozy sweater one, and this classically festive one! I also own and love this one, it’s the perfect size.


This candle, though a bit of a splurge, has lasted me two winter seasons and counting, and I am legit obsessed with the ambiance the mercury glass gives when it’s lit. I love Illume candles the mostest most, and I’ve been eyeing this new scent for winter. I also really enjoy clustering candles together for the cozy feel of a big pool of candlelight. I wish I had a fireplace, but this does the trick when I need some extra cozy in my space! One scented candle is plenty, but I love this lantern, and these votives to put with it!


Mugs + Tea

I can’t drink coffee past about noon (sob!), so an essential part of my cozy reading time is a comfy mug and a favorite caffeine-free tea. I like mugs that are rounded with good sized handles and that are big enough to have my drink last a while, but not so big that it goes cold while I’m drinking it. I recently ordered this one because it reminds me of the Metro, but my time tested favorites are a hodgepodge mix. I admit I am super tempted to try one of these though!

As for teas, Harney & Son’s have consistently produced some of my favorite flavors, and I especially love this cinnamon one, and this peppermint one. I swear by this bedtime tea, too. Valerian is no joke, friends! I use this tea to keep my sleep schedule on track when the dark days throw me off and I find myself staying up way too late reading.


One of my favorite things to add are fresh flowers, they make my house feel so much more alive and cheerful. I’m obsessed with Farmgirl Flowers, but a few bunches from Trader Joe’s or a bouquet from the Farmer’s Market usually fit my budget much better. If you do have the budget for a florist, definitely look into some local options! Our local faves are Fleurae and Berges Blooms if you’re in the Tacoma area. A few cute new plants do a lot of good too, and Jade and Co. have an amazing and unique selection.

A Pretty Stack of Books

While my shelves are fully stocked, I love to have a stack of new books to keep near, or pretty editions to look at, or even a collection of short stories for easy reading. Nestled in next a warm cup of tea on the coffee table, on a side table, or wherever suits, it adds a bit of interest and always adds inspiration! I really love when company drops by and sifts through, bonus points if they’ve read one of the books! Plus, you can switch them out for new ones anytime. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, these are a must.

What are your cozy must-haves in the winter?

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