Cheers to the Weekend 1.19.18

Exciting articles, inspiring Instagrammers, and other fun stuff worth sharing!


I swear time is flying by lately, and somehow we're already nearly a month into 2018. Rikki and I both have quiet weekends planned, finishing up books and relaxing with our families. We're also back to working on more new content a little more regularly now, and have some stuff we're really excited about coming up next week! What are your plans for the weekend?


Around the Web 

These then and now author photos were so interesting! Some of the best writers of our time in their first author photo and their most recent.

Speaking of author photos, someone ran famous author portraits through the Google Arts and Culture Selfie app with amazing results. 

These sound like EXACTLY my kind of non-fiction!

Now this sounds like our kind of party! Can we come to the next one, Leigh???

Did anyone else not read these childhood classics until they were adults?



Ani has been one of our favorite bookstagrammers lately! She takes photos that feel true to life and casual, while being outstandingly well composed.

Annie takes books into her city streets and does all kinds of consistently creative magic with them!

Bex has curated a bright and warm feed full of aesthetically on point book recs and lifestyle vibes that we can't get enough of!