Cheers to the Weekend 7.7.17

Exciting articles, inspiring Instagrammers, and other fun stuff worth sharing!


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This is definitely something we've given some thought to concerning our Instagram accounts!

Oh my god who remembers reading these books as a kid????

And who is ready for the return of Game of Thrones?!?!?! You better believe we're throwing a premiere party over here!

Bookish quirks...I definitely have some of these haha



Caitlin has such a unique style, we adore it!

Booze, plants, and books = of our FAVORITE new discoveries, and they're a best friend team too!

Hollie has such a great account, we love it when people take books along on their adventures!


posts we love

This week was a slow one around here, with real life being really busy. Rikki and her family have been moving into their new home and I'm in Montana for the week, but expect a Great Gatsby dinner party, summer reading book flights, and more in the next week or so!

You can also keep track of what adventures I'm having with my copy of The Three Musketeers over on our Instagram stories!