Judging a Bookstore by Your Favorite Author

This is about how a day with us and our "bookstore adventures" go. Since moving to a new town, Michaela and I are no longer living quite as close as we used to be, but it has opened up a bunch of new things for us to experience and explore together. We scoured all the bookstores in town, finding one incredible gold mine of a place, a fantastic new lunch spot, and a tea house which was absolutely delightful and is the perfect scene for many more future bookish conversations.

One thing we realized while scouring stacks upon stacks of books at all these new local bookstores, is that the first thing we did every time was look for our favorite genres, books, and authors. The major find of the day was a store that had almost everything we could've wanted. To top it off, the lady who worked there was friendly, there was a place for our kids to play, and we barely touched the tip of what they had to offer. It was maze-like and stuffed full of books, and much bigger inside than it looked!

Our next stop wasn't so fabulous, but it made us think about what specifically it was that made us appreciate the other place so much, and we realized it was partly the comfort of finding your favorite author amongst so many that aren't familiar. It's the same as finding someone who also likes a book you like; there's an instant connection there. The bookstore suddenly feels like it gets you, when you see your favorites sitting on the shelf. It's such a relief knowing a store that understands me is in my new hometown, and can't wait to go back!

Anyone else have weird bookish quirks in bookstores? Or is it just us? Tell us we aren't alone!