Cheers to the Weekend 7.14.17

Exciting articles, inspiring Instagrammers, and other fun stuff worth sharing!

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Great reasons why you should keep reading aloud to your older kiddos!

We are alllll too familiar with this sentiment #thestruggleisreal

I think about books that deserve more love or are highly underrated all the time!

Our new favorite tea; we especially love this delicious flavor!



We cannot get enough of this account, we just love the whole vibe!

Simplicity done well, and interestingly is rare, and this account just nails it.

This newcomer is just doing just an absolutely amazing job with a light, colorful account.

Greenery, great light, and interesting books + places are always a winning combination!


Posts We Love

Our most recent dinner party for The Great Gatsby is up, and it is truly gorgeous if we do say so ourselves!

We also posted about some of the hot new releases that have older book twins!

You can also keep following our stories over on Instgram to see the adventures I'm taking my copy of The Three Musketeers on!