I've Turned My Family Into A Bunch of Readers


Being passionate about living a literary lifestyle means we adamantly share our love of reading with our children. We are turning them into quite the voracious little readers, and we aren't even a little sorry about it. My oldest son is now in middle school, and doesn't mind reading anything I recommend to him. Nine times out of ten he loves it, even when I push him to read new things. As I've mentioned before, last year we started reading buddy together. There's no rhyme or reason to our method, we just find a book at the library and decide to read it together whenever it sounds good.

My daughter and I do this too, although she's finding her footing as she's advancing in her reading level. Sometimes it's as simple as remembering an old favorite from when I was their age and handing it to them. I encourage my son to read classics, but I also read more fantasy with him as well since that is his favorite. I want to remember the books we read together and I am constantly searching for new books to share with him, and new ways to talk about it.

Last year was a really pivotal time for my family. My husband has a really long commute to and from work each day. Using that to my advantage, I started checking out audiobooks for him. I thought hard about any books I may have read that he might like. That first recommendation was everything. He enjoyed it and listened to over 20 books last year. He used to read a book every now and then, but as life goes, his reading life became nonexistent. I was thrilled - and so proud of him - for realizing how great it is to read again, even if only on audio. Now, thanks to our Secret Santa exchange, he was sent two books that were right up his alley, and he's back to reading actual books. Thanks Suz!

It's been really interesting to learn how to discuss books together - with my kids and with my husband. It's taken a bit to turn the conversations into something productive and enjoyable, but now we all discuss books together. The best part - my family is learning how to decide what I might like as well, and it's fun to hear their thoughts and recommendations for me. I'm looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us and all the good books we'll read! Do you have a family member that you read with?

The books my son and I read in 2017:

The Girl who Drank the Moon | Kelly Barnhill

Tuck Everlasting | Natalie Babbitt

The Magic Finger | Roald Dahl

The Giver | Lois Lowry

A Monster Calls | Patrick Ness

Number the Stars | Lois Lowry

Unbroken | Lauren Hillenbrand - there's a Young Adult version, HERE, that he read

The Boys in the Boat | Daniel James Brown - the Young Adult version

Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit | Jeanette Kerr

This is Not a Werewolf Story | Sandra Evans 


What recommendations do you have for us to buddy read?

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