Books from the Year you were Born

Have you ever been curious about what was popular the year you were born? You've undoubtedly seen those lists that have the cost of certain items, who was president, and what movies came out in that year, right? It's kind of interesting to see what was popular when you made your grand entrance into the world, what your mom or dad might have been reading then, or simply what was all the rage. Whether you're familiar with that particular time frame or not, it's interesting, and you undoubtedly remember things from those first 5-10 years with nostalgia (Harry Potter debut anyone?!). What about the year your kids were born, or your parents? This opens up a whole new area of books to dive into! I even mentioned a few books to my mom and she lit up with excitement when hearing some of the titles.

Here I've compiled a list for years that were shared with us on Instagram. I found it fascinating to see, not only the age range of our fellow readers, but what was most popular each year. Reading newly released novels can be great, but there is a reason many of these books were popular in their time, and they're not just classics!

Click on any of the years below to see the list of most popular book selections. The options are truly endless!

You can easily find your year HERE, just select the year in the dropdown. I discovered one from my year, Fried Green Tomatoes, and devoured it in a few days. I was blown away by Fannie Flagg's incredible writing and now plan to read all of her books. Seriously, it's so good! Had I not looked through these lists, I wouldn't have found her and loved her work. There's something to be said about diversifying your reading life and I'm rarely disappointed when I do. I strongly encourage you to give it a try. 

Did you find a book from your birth year that catches your eye? Comment with the title below so we can check it out!