Literary Dinner | Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun was such a lovely change of pace from our previously read classics and dinner parties. As we have very slowly emerged into summer, it was quite blissful to be whisked away to sunny Italy, then recreate a simple, yet lovely pasta dish from the book itself, after treating ourselves to appetizers and drinks outside. We kept this literary dinner party quite true to the format of dinners in the book, with wildflowers, a no-fuss meal, and warm sunny outdoor elements. We followed this wonderful dinner with the movie and a homemade mascarpone peach custard mentioned in the book. 

Using a fresh, local baguette, topped with bruschetta and basil alongside bite-sized caprese salads, we took our appetizers to the wildflower garden to talk all things Under the Tuscan Sun. The kiddos ran around us, occasionally grabbing a bite to eat, all while we discussed our likes, dislikes, and hopes to someday jet off to Italy to enjoy some of the many food elements she mentions in Italy. Seriously, every thing about the book and dinner was purely delightful.

And then we found ourselves back inside to whip up some spaghetti (seriously one of the quickest spaghetti dishes I've ever made- recipe found in book) that was packed with flavor. We also tried the ever popular tuscan beans with sage, and some more caprese.

Frances Mayes did a brilliant job writing about her experience of renovating a house in Italy, cooking Italian food, meeting locals, touring the backroads, and familiarizing herself with a wonderfully new culture set so far apart from her life at home in San Francisco. I started off taking endless notes on all the food she mentioned making, until I found there were pages of recipes conveniently placed within the chapters. We also had her Italian cookbook providing endless options for dinner parties to come.

Afterwards, I couldn't help but look up real life photos of Bramasole, simply because I wasn't ready to leave Italy. It is as beautiful as she described. I can't even imagine walking through her gardens or stepping foot into the enormous house. I could, however, imagine all the renovations from the completed photos - the stone wall that was painstakingly restored, the brick laid in the kitchen. What a life! What a place to live! It was such a lovely book to read.

Have you read it? Tell us what you thought!