Literary Lifestyle Photo Prompts | May

I can't believe we're into our fourth month of photo prompts. We've built a great little following so far and we're loving the shift in Bookstagram. Highlighting your reading life, versus only staged photos (not that there is anything wrong with that), has been amazing! Moreso, getting to see our vision and ideas come to life through others leaves us more inspired than ever. It can be challenging to keep our daily prompts unique, so don't ever be too shy to comment with your ideas to keep our prompts creative and fun.

We are loving the challenge these photo prompts create on us too. Learning how to document our reading life in different ways that we may not otherwise think about, is really interesting. To keep us going, please help us get the word out about our prompts, share them, shoutout, whatever works for you - we'd be very grateful. See you in May!

Come back to this post on the final day in April to see the whole series of photos we took each day. Hopefully you can find some inspiration there for when you join us in May.

Rikki RiveraComment