Bookish Day Date | Tacoma

So the other day, Rikki and I embarked on an afternoon of bookish adventuring in our beautiful city, starting with brunch, because of course. I had heard about a new place downtown that I'd been meaning to try, so we decided to start there. 

The (enormous) patio area was completely gorgeous, and we just wandered around and admired it, exclaiming over all the details, since we were the only ones there on a Wednesday afternoon! It was really lovely to be able to soak in the sunshine, look out over the Sound, and enjoy being outside after the long, dark winter we've been having here over in the PNW.


Coffee, a cheese plate, and some berry-smothered french toast were on the menu back in the cozy, artfully done dining room. There are few things I like more than a nice hot french press; and the vintage plates and tea set were too cute! 

Fully caffeinated and fueled up, it was off to the bookstore across the street (a local favorite), obviously. We're always treasure hunting for books, plus we love supporting local, and as a cherry on top, they have Atticus and Herbert; the friendliest pair of kitties.

Post bookstore, we pulled up the map of little free libraries near us and went out on an epic hunt to find as many as we could that afternoon, while Rikki, of course, did her thing. We can't get enough of how unique each library is. They all have playful details and heartwarming backstories, and are just wholly delightful to go visit.


How cool is this playground someone set up in front of their house??? 

On sunny days, honestly, we're reminded why we love living here so much, it's such a vibrant, beautiful, whimsical city, and we were so glad we took the afternoon off to go out and enjoy it. Hurry up, spring weather! We're looking forward to a lot more days like this one.