The Best Reading Snacks at Trader Joe's

I require a couple of things from my readings snacks: they can't be messy, they must be eaten one handed, I can't get too full too quickly off them, and they can't be horrifically bad for me. With that criteria, these snacks from my very favorite grocery store have become my go-to's while devouring a novel. I'd love to say I pair my food with my books, but the truth is I go off whatever I'm craving at the moment. So what will it be: sweet, salty, or savory?


Vanilla Meringues- Guys these are SO GOOD with coffee. They taste kind of like a giant, slightly crisp Lucky Charms marshmallow and are just the perfect light little treat to munch while you read.

Freeze Dried Strawberries (or blueberries or raspberries or whatever strikes your fancy)- I love that these have no extra ingredients in them and are a light, slightly crunchy texture with a tartness backed by a hint of sweetness that I just crave. 

Trek Mix- This mixes cashews and macadamia nuts (my favorites!) with dried pineapple and cranberries. It's the perfect balance of sweetness, and I love that there are only nuts that I adore with no peanut fillers.

Cinnamon Graham Crackers- The thickest, yummiest, cinnamon-sugar covered graham cracker you've ever had in your life. Trust us, they also make exceptional s'mores.


Sour Cream & Onion Corn Puffs- Delicious puffiness in a crunchy tasty treat, perfect for a small- er large- bowl to eat until they're gone! 

Plantain Chips- A less sweet, more salty version of banana chips, these are hearty, crunchy snacking at it's best.

Everything Pretzels- Flat pretzels and Everything Bagels had a baby, and that baby is utterly delicious.


Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons- These are my favorite when I want a more filling snack, these little bundles are packed with veggies and protein and are a cilantro-y, meaty bite of deliciousness.

Seasoned Kale Chips- Savory, nutty, crispy, umami perfection; the best kale chips we've ever tried.

Popcorn with Herbs & Spices- I could eat this stuff endlessly all day. A bit salty with a bit of rich, savory spices results in popcorn that's more than a bit addicting. 


P.S. They have the best flowers, for cheap, and we all know that fresh flowers are heart eyes forever.


Do you guys have a favorite reading snack, or perhaps a Trader Joe's recommendation? Let us know!