Reading With Kids | A Resource Guide

Reading with your children may or may not come naturally to you. When I had my first child, even though I was a reader, we had few books and I, sadly, didn't read aloud as much as I should have. Along came baby number two, and we had all that straightened out and are a family of incredibly avid readers!

So, what changed?

Well, my own love of books really flourished in adulthood. We also started establishing strong bedtime routines, and reading became an essential part of that. We started with books I remember loving as a child, this one is still my favorite, and now it's their's too. Naturally, we discovered the magic of the local library and I encourage each of my children to pick to books that pique their interest. When there's a book they particularly LOVE, then we add it to our shelves at home, and they are much more likely to gravitate to it on their own.  

Michaela is doing the same thing with her toddler, and at 3.5 her son is book obsessed; just the way she wants it!  

Some tips and resources that have encouraged our children to learn a love of reading and really worked for us!

  • Famous people reading books aloud. Brilliant!
  • Storytime at your local library provides such a fun environment and lots of play
  • Simply taking a few minutes out of your day to read to your kids
  • Letting your kids see you reading (this is more important than you might think!) and some great tips for finding time to read for yourself with small children around.
  • This blog + podcast are endlessly informative
  • A cute library bag goes a long way. We fill ours up every time!
  • When your kids can read, buddy reading can be so fun to do together
  • Leave books out where they can be seen and easily picked up
  • Limit TV time and encourage reading instead! So important!
  • Online library resources often include interactive kid's e-books; keep an eye out!
  • Great tips if your child finds reading "boring" or try comics for reluctant readers.
  • Let them pick the books (even if they want to read it 100 times)
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for Free Little Libraries
  • Have Grandparents send one of these for a birthday or holiday. Mine loved it!
  • Of course, give books as gifts as much as you can

Be sure to cater to their individual interests, keep reading aloud exciting and even silly, model good reading habits, and build it into your everyday routines! If you make it a fun part of everyday life, soon your kids will be as in love with books as you are.

What tips do you guys have to encourage your kids to read? Please share!