Book Club Recap | Tender is the Night

On a whim, we were checking out the various local bookclubs and stumbled across a classics book club! This past week F. Scott Fitzgerald's final novel "Tender is the Night" was up for discussion, and we decided to go check it out for ourselves. I had read the book over the summer, and Rikki got to read her first Fitzgerald, so it was a good pick for us. 

I already attend a sci fi/fantasy club, so I was interested to see the difference between types of book clubs and groups. We left the kids with our husbands and set off into the rainy night together. Stepping into one of our favorite local bookstores and out of the downpour, the store was calm and quiet this late in the evening, and we spotted a few members of the club already seated at a long table in the back. 

It turned out, we weren't the only new members on this particular night, and another table had to be added to seat the dozen or so people gathered. The dynamic of the discussion was a bit off, honestly, in all likelihood because half the people there were first-timers, and groups without an established dynamic can lack the good flow of established groups. 

Still, it's always really good to hear from a variety of viewpoints and to open discussion about points in the book you may have overlooked, or about context of the novel, so it was still worthwhile and interesting to participate in. There were people who have read endless classics, others who simply love to read, some who are incredibly interactive readers (i.e., touting a book of quotes and thoughts) and some who aren't. Even though the discussion didn't flow very well, it was interesting to watch and listen to each person. I found the take on characters they liked and didn't like to be the most interesting, as well as some situational dynamics I hadn't thought of. I'd say we're definitely looking forward to participating in more and checking some great classics off our list reading bucket lists!  

It felt so great to be apart of our community on this; being around others who love to read is simply the best!

Do you belong to a bookclub? Lets us know what you guys are reading below or by tagging #TheArdentBiblioReads!