Reading Resolutions for 2019


2019 is already off and racing ahead of us, but we belatedly took a few minutes to reflect on what we’d like to improve on in our reading lives. We each agreed we had some really simple, basic goals to ensure this reading year was better than the last, and that we choose books that are better and better suited for us. In the end, all any reader wants is a satisfying reading life, and a few tweaks can make all the difference. With that said, we have some simple resolutions:


  1. Read from my SHELVES- I’ve amassed a collection I’m really excited about, and need to just commit to actually reading them instead of getting side tracked by new releases. I reorganized the TBR shelf in my bedroom into rainbow order so that it looks fresh and appealing (is the rainbow trend dead yet? This is the first time I’ve tried it!), and I feel more compelled to draw from it. I really do love having a legitimate home library filled with books I’ve curated for myself, so it’s time to read some more of them!

  2. Quality above anything- I feel like 2018 was kind of a “meh” year for my reading life, and that needs to change in 2019. That means prioritizing quality reads and being better about discerning whether I’m interested in the BOOK or the CONVERSATION going on around the bookish internet when choosing what to read next. I also need to accept that fun, contemporary, fluffy reads just don’t tend to be my jam. They always look appealing, I almost always hate them, and I just need to accept I have to get my fluff elsewhere (looking at you, kdramas!). Quality for me is going to mean more of the classics and meatier reads that leave me feeling fulfilled, and I’m looking forward to it.



  1. Read the classics I know I’ll love - I am so eager to keep reading the classics that speak to me. The winds have changed directions toward a deeper prose that leaves me thinking a little more, that speaks to my soul, and provides a greater foundation and appreciation for the literature I want to carry with me. A lot of foreign novels and classics are what I’m after for the foreseeable future.

  2. READ FROM MY SHELVES!!! - Do you hear me, self?! I want to be intentional about reading what I have. Story of our readerly lives, right?! But really, my main bookshelf got a major facelift this year. So many books were purged and made way for so many brilliant and beautiful new-to-me books. It’s time I resist the urge to read everything at the library and maybe even buying, and focus on the good that I have for awhile.

Do you have any reading resolutions for the New Year??