Some Reading Resolutions for 2018



Every New Year brings about a week or so of quietly mulling over what changes I can make in my life that will serve me well. I'm not into arbitrary goals or expecting life changing results, but I do pick a broader theme that I need to focus on in the coming 365 days.

This year it's structure.

I just need a little more structure in my day to day life, because I know when I do successfully implement it I'm happier, more productive, and there is just generally less friction in my life. Executing it is going to look different in every area in my life, but for reading, it comes down to focusing on two things:

  1. Read more selectively

  2. Read more from my own shelves

This is seemingly straightforward, but the intent here is to stop wildly swinging around between books and feeling overwhelmed. Towards the end of 2017 I started to feel a little paralyzed by the amount of books I wanted to read, and lacked the structure (and therefore focus) to hone in on what was important for me personally to read. I really want to choose more books this year that stick to my insides, that speak to me, and that I can carry with me for years to come, and not just whatever catches my eye for a moment. 

Because I am a highly selective book buyer, my shelves are already carefully curated, so reading more from them will hopefully ensure I read more books that really resonate with me this year. I love reading what's new and popular, because it allows me access to the larger conversation around these books, but I need to just slow down a bit and read more of what fits me



Great minds think alike, because I had just told Michaela that very same thing - I need to read what I have. I have a great collection of fantastic books, many beautiful vintage editions that need one more person to love them and read their pages. I succeeded last year in massively culling my collection and not buying books. I took up borrowing most everything from the library.

Not only that, but I read more books in 2017 than I've ever read in... one year? in my life? Not sure exactly, but I'm mighty proud of myself for making reading a priority AND encouraging my children to become strong readers. Which they both are.

Now, I want to continue picking up the worthy titles I own and ensure that I'm not just a hoarder of bound pages with lots of words. My one and only goal:

  1. Have more books on my shelves that are read versus not read

I'm encouraging my kids to do the same and we're all diving a little deeper in the classics we have, and reading together. I'm thankful that we can share books we love and have discussions on what we read and I'm looking forward to much more of that in 2018.


Do you have any reading resolutions for the New Year??